Dating in the city is exceptionally hard. Whether you're trying to find a new bae on Tinder, Bumble or just at The Warehouse on a Friday night, it's easy to feel alone in a city with millions of people. You dream of the days where you could brunch at Peter Pan and spend date night at the AGO.

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Then you find him. When you find a boyfriend who likes to make you laugh, remembers your friend's names, and loves you for you, it can seem like a dream come true. Like with any relationship, things will change when you meet your new boyfriend.

I'm not saying that you won't be the badass, independent queen you already are. But any relationship requires compromises and change. So here are 14 things that will change when you finally give up the single life in Toronto and find a boyfriend.

1. Your friend group will double in size.

Unless you're part of the same inner circle, you'll likely become friends with your man's crew. You find yourself hitting up The Ballroom with his friends and Dance Cave with yours. Just wait til his single friends see how good looking your bestie is!

2. The gym becomes a long lost friend.

He loves you for you. So why go to Fit Factory Fitness for a class when you could run to Smokes Poutine for nacho fries?

3. You make sure that your BF matches your Instagram aesthetic.

Instagram feeds are works of art. There is no way your boyfriend will be wearing a bright yellow tee when your theme is based around monochrome.

4. Commuting becomes second nature.

Your man is living in The Beaches while you're a lady of Liberty Village. Seeing each other regularly has turned you into a TTC wizard.

5. You save money by spending a night in together.

No need to go to REBEL on a Friday when you can catch the newest episode of Riverdale and share a bottle of wine (or two) with bae.

6. But you spend more money when you go on date night.

Dinner was a lot cheaper when you only had to worry about buying your pasta and $1 vino. Yet nothing is better than treating your man to nice meal at Enoteca Sociale .

7. You become more knowledgeable about Toronto sports.

Whether your man likes the Toronto FC, Raptors, Leafs, or Blue Jays, Saturday night is sure to be spent either watching the game or checking the score. Even if your man isn't a sports fan, you can bet at least one of his bros is.

8.  You have become the designated "mom" of your girl gang.

Whether it is deciphering a boy's text message or helping set up your friends, you've become the mom of your group. Your experience has made you wise beyond your years, or at least, that's what your friends think!

9. Cheesy date spots seem so romantic with him.

The CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, the CNE, or a walk along Lake Ontario doesn't sound so lame now that he'll be there with you. Nothing is better than a cute photo of him!

10. Your styles become intertwined.

Maybe you were once super hipster and he had a killer street style. Now you know how to style a bomber jacket and baseball cap, while he wears his Raybands and combs his beard. We know you two still have own Toronto vs. Everybody sweaters!

11. Trying new restaurants becomes your new hobby.

Going on a date every week can get old fast when you never venture beyond King West. Try one of these 32 bucket list restaurants in Toronto that every couple should try!

12. Your Facebook relationship status.

Even if you're super private on your social media, you know that when it's real it's Facebook official. What's the point of dating if you can't brag about your amazing Toronto boyfriend?

13.Netflix becomes a couples activity.

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long commute down Line 2 to see your that your boyfriend watched Prison Break without you. 

14. Your "single habits" disappear a bit more every day.

There was never a time where you thought you'd discuss poop with your boyfriend but here you are now eating at Toronto's Poop CafeWith each passing day, you see yourself letting him in a little bit more.

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