Ah, Sherway Gardens, the mall you only visit when you have to, or simply because you live in the area. After a recent reno, it was supposed to become our "Etobicoke Yorkdale." And while it's certainly made some progress and (finally) stepped it up, so did literally every other mall in the GTA.

With all the progress and changes they claim to have made, the same questions and thoughts still run through your head the second you step foot into the mall.

1. "Am I just going in the same circle?"

No matter how many times you visit this mall, the figure-8 layout still throws you off, and you don't realize you're walking in the same circle until it's too late.

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2. "I've never found parking this easily."

3. "Where is the H&M? What mall doesn't have an H&M?"

It's a mall must-have that's perfect for when you need a simple black cardigan, or a belt, or a pair of leggings that you don't want to spend $40 at TopShop for. There is a Forever 21, which is kind of helpful...but no.

4. "...or a Zara, for that matter."

This mall has been around for years. YEARS. How has it gone on this long without?

5. "I spent a lot less than I thought I would."

Leaving Sherway with your bank account still in tact isn't exactly a rare occurrence. While the store directory is pretty much the same as most malls, you always leave unmotivated to spend excessively. Which, for a struggling student is cool because now you don't have to eat cat food for the rest of the  month.

Photo Cred – Tumblr

6. "It's quiet. Too quiet."

Even on it's busiest days, Sherway never gets to the level of Yorkdale or Scarborough Town Centre or the Eaton Centre. A part of you enjoys it, but the other part kind of feels depressed to be there.

7. "Why isn't there a mall entrance to the Starbucks?"

In a perfect world, there'd be a Starbucks within every 30 feet of you, but the least Sherway could do is have an in-mall entrance to it. You want us to walk all the way outside during the winter season?! We'll do it – we've been doing it for years – but should we have to? It's just not right.

8. "Was I this annoying in high school?"

9. "I know people in retail take themselves too seriously, but why is everyone in here so b*tchy?"

Let's just say Sherway employees aren't known for their outstanding customer service.

Photo Cred – Tumblr

10. "There should be a subway station here, or something."

For those who don't have the luxury of owning a vehicle, you know that from Kipling station there is like, one bus that'll take you directly there, and it doesn't come too often. Unlike the Eaton Centre or Yorkdale, Sherway is kind of out of the way for public transit users.

11. You secretly envy the kept housewives who have the luxury of slumming it there – all morning.

"Look at all that free time they have. And money. I want free time and money."

12. "Is this uphill hike to the food court really necessary? Am I really hungry?"

The flight of stairs you have to take just to get a $40 burger at Hero Burger almost makes you second-guess whether you're really hungry or not. You know there's an elevator at the other end, but there's also probably a family of 6, and an elderly person ready to shame you for your laziness once you arrive. But whatever. Fuck 'em.

13. "Didn't they renovate?"

For all the money that went into it, everything for the most part still seems the same. We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Sherway.

14. "One restaurant?"

Nobody is knocking Pickle Barrel – anywhere with an all-day breakfast menu deserves all the praise. However, for a mall that boasts such...cockiness, in-mall dining options are a necessity! Where is the Milestones, or the Moxies, or  the JOEY? JOEY is the spot. Get your shit together Sherway!

Conclusion: It has nothing on Yorkdale, but it's close to home. Sherway certainly serves its purpose. Once you get past the lack of ESSENTIAL stores,the confusing layout, and having to walk all the way outside for your Caramel Macchiato, you leave with exactly what you came for – and usually nothing more.

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