Toronto is such a huge city, so it's no surprise that it is chock full with lots of talented artists.

Having a creative mind and an eye for aesthetic makes for a beautiful Instagram feed and amazing content.  These Toronto artists have showcased their talent on social media, and will definitely have you feeling inspired after glancing at their accounts.

We have compiled a list of 15 amazing Toronto artists that you need to follow on Instagram ASAP.  Whether you’re looking for some beautiful artwork, or some inspiration to spark your own creativity, these accounts have you covered!

Also, before you DM me stating that I have no clue what I’m talking about, or that “insert name here” did not make the list and the should have, please remember that just because your favourite artists did not make this list, absolutely does not make them any less talented than artists included.  This list was created to showcase a few local artists’ accounts and spread positivity, that’s all.


Jon is a super talented OCAD alumni that dabbles in multiple mediums (including some crazy totem poles).  His use of colour is beautiful and totally unique.  You can catch him doing local art shows all over the city on a fairly regular basis. Be sure to keep up with him on his Facebook page.

via @ansermysteriousdate


You've probably seen a few of these pieces by ansermysteriousdate painted around the city.  This anonymous artist has decorated Toronto with his street art, so be sure to keep a look out!

via @maggeeday


Maggee Day is an incredibly talented artist currently based in Toronto. She specializes in large-scale oil paintings that usually feature her peers and their environments.  These pieces make any house feel like a home, check out her work here.

via @btosswill


A good friend of mine recently introduced me to Brianna Tosswill's artwork, and I was instantly a fan.  Her tricolours are beyond impressive, and I can't wait to see the amazing things she creates in the future!

via @printemilyfaulkner


Emily Faulkner is an OCAD student who is seriously gifted when it comes printmaking.  Her work is humorous, relatable, and extremely beautiful!

via @lilitayl


Lily Taylor is another extremely talented artists currently completing her education at OCAD University.  I personally love Lily's use of colour, she can do no wrong in my books.

via @qiaowangjoseph


Joe Wang's portraits are like no other.  He uses a variety of mediums (usually oil paints) to create some amazing pieces.  Be sure to check out more of his work here.

via @songdahae


 DAHAE has been making some serious waves in the Toronto art scene.  Her unique creations embody her own emotions and she views every piece as an extension of herself!

via @milavuko


If you love watercolour, I highly suggest you check out Mila's watercolour portraits.  They are so beautiful and completely captivating. Check them out here.


Sleestak does it all.  He designs some amazing tattoos, and creates some really cool paintings.  You may have even recognize some of his work from the El Furniture Warehouse bathroom!

via @christineaudit


Christine Audit has spent the last two years creating beautiful illustrations of our city.  She bases her illustrations off of her own photography of iconic Toronto structures and neighbourhoods.


Jake works closely with the artists that design many of the sculptures you may have seen at Wayhome this past summer. He documents their through both stills and video, be sure to check out more of his work here.

via @misbahalahmed


Misbah is a talented Toronto illustrator that is currently studying at OCAD University.  She creates beautiful handcrafted ceramics as well as creates some amazing illustrations.  Check out more of her work here.

via @haz.bin


You might recognize Chantal Hassard's work from a recent Honest Ed's window display.  She also runs a program called b[art]er which allows artists to exchange their pieces with one another and build an amazing community! Click here for more info.

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