Rihanna has single handedly changed the meaning of the term "savage".  No longer is this word considered an insult, but almost a compliment.

We all have that one "savage" friend.  They can outdrink anyone, are extremely outgoing, and never go home before last call.  This friend is basically the true MVP, and a staple person to come out with you.

Here are 14 bars in Toronto to embrace your inner savage at. So go ahead, take another shot!

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1. The Underground Garage // 365 King St W.

The underground is the perfect venue for a night you'll never remember.  Although you'll probably have a splitting head ache, and wicked hangover from all the tequila shots, we can pretty much guarantee you had an amazing time.

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2. Wildflower // 550 Wellington Street W.

Wildflower is where millennials go to forget about everything that happened between Monday - Friday.  If you're a true savage you won't let Sunday night go by without hitting up Wildflower (Or Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night).

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3. Coda // 794 Bathurst St.

Coda is insane, there is no other way to describe it.  If someone asks you to go to Coda, you instantly know that 1. They will stay there until early morning 2. They will never stop dancing and 3. You will probably have an amazing time if you tag along.

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4. Sneaky Dees // 431 College St.

Sneaky Dee's "emo" themed events get way crazier than you could ever imagine.  Between cheap drinks and moshing to my chemical romance, you're sure to have an amazing night.

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5. El Furniture Warehouse  // 410 Bloor St W.

I think it should be illegal to leave El Furny without partaking in a ski shot.  El Furny's cheap prices encourage savage behaviour, and their amazing staff will definitely make sure you're night is unforgettable.

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6. The Hoxton // 69 Bathurst St.

The Hoxton is home to some of Toronto's craziest club goers.  If you're the type of person who never leaves the dance floor, you have found your new favourite place.

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7. UNIUN // 473 Adelaide St W.

If you go to Uniun you're almost guaranteed to make new friends, sweat all your makeup off, and drink way more than you planned.  But realistically, you'll come back to UNIUN for round 2, because it's that much fun.

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8. The Boat // 158 Augusta Ave.

If you don't like dancing, the boat will make you change your mind.  This quirky Kensington bar will enable you with cheap drinks, and amazing throwback music.

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9. 70 Down // 70 Yorkville Ave.

70 Down is one of the craziest places in Yorkville.  You'll never find a shortage of Uber blacks around this club, because most people who party here are looking to indulge.  If you're looking for a luxurious night out, full of high quality drinks, and decor, than this is your spot.

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10. Forty2 // 42 Mowat Ave. 

Forty2 is home to some of the most incredible dancers in Toronto.  Don't be surprised if you get pulled on to the dance floor, and don't leave until 2AM.

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11. Bloke // 401 King St W.

If you're looking to get rowdy with your squad, head to Bloke.  This is a prime destination for a girl gang reunion filled with vodka, dancing, and more vodka.

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12. Lost and Found // 577 King St W.

Lost and found is where you will lose your comfort zone, and find your inner savage.  There are always a lot of big personalities at the club, so there will never be a dull moment!

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13. The Hideout // 484 Queen St W.

I think this poster basically says it all.  The Hideout is the prime place to go if you no longer have any fvcks to give.  You'll be able to forget about the stress that comes along with work or school, and fully be able to focus on partying.

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14. Fiction // 180 Pearl Street.

Fiction is your "get fvcked up" destination.  If you live by the "blackout or blackout" lifestyle, you have found your new watering hole.

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