Firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis to help us when we're in trouble. Their hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated and we would like to take a moment to acknowledge every single firefighter that put themselves in danger to save people in hazardous situations everyday (even the kittens!)

 Toronto Fire Services is the largest municipal fire department in Canada, therefore it would be nearly impossible to include every single firefighter in Toronto. These gentlemen have the skills but they've also got the looks. They're so hot, they're practically on fire... We've previously listed Toronto heartthrobs with good looks and professions such as doctors, lawyers and realtors. Now, it's time to check out firefighters. It's hard to resist these smoking hunks, so hold on tight and let's admire some of Toronto's hottest firefighters that are great are putting it out:

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1. Rob Fitzgerald 

2. Andrew Wang 

3. Omar 

4. Scotty Woods 

5. Nick Jacko 

6. Kraig Weights 

7. Adam Lychak 

8. Cory Austin 

9. Marcus 

10. Jordan Comfort 

11. Rashid Ra 

12. Derek Brass

13. Kyle Dobs 

14. Kris Butindari

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