Ah summer sixteen, the perfect time to document every single thing you're doing to make your peers jealous and aware of your fabulous life (because isn't that what social media really is?). The issue with us being a generation that does show what we're doing all the time can be summed up in one word: basic. Now the word basic has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. Whether you're being basic with Starbucks or jamming out to your basic top 40 playlist, it seems you'll get someone judging you for being too mainstream.

You know what though? We're all a little basic, example A? How any landscape picture is automatically a #view. Or how about how anytime you run through the six, it's automatically ft. your woes. But what's wrong with that? Ya I like my lattes grande and my pop tinged with some auto tuned T-Pain, and I'm not ashamed of that. So whether or not you've used these captions, which to be honest we all have, we're all a little basic at heart. Too strung on compliments, overdosed on confidence; the basic Toronto game is still owning it.

1. Living it up with my girls in the 6ix! ??

Probably at a night club, probably with your squad, definitely coming with an 100 second snap story.


Get the point? Any single landscape picture that has the CN tower in it.

3. Living it up at the Porch with my number 1! ? #6ix

We've all done it, who can resist those buckets?!

4. We heart BJs! #lol #gals ??

It stands for BLUE JAYS guys!

5. Playing dirty not clean #summer6ixteen

Or any Drake lyric.....like ever.

6. Necessary ? #brunch

Because when you buy Pinot Grigio it almost guarantees an eggs benny the next morning.

7. The ground was just SO hilarious #lovethesquad #nonewfriends #bill ?

Always include a hashtag with an inside joke (remember bill! LOL) to let your other friends know how much fun you had!!

8. Chilling with my beaches???#sugarbeach

Your not actually saying bitches, but it's the double entendre that makes it super funny and intellectual.

9. 6 ? ?️ ?

You go to Frings! Trendy!! And yes I may or may not have definitely used this one.

10. Running through the 6ix with my HOES?#club #kingstreet

Saturday night captions = Sunday morning ragrets.

11. WORTH THE WAIT ? #sweetjesus

You know you waited that hour line.

12. Not not a tourist ?

We're all a little touristy sometimes, whether it's the ROM, CN tower, Ripley's Aquarium- we all do it.

13. Found Drake #CNtower #6ix

We can no longer associate our iconic tower without Champagne Papi.

14. Too late now to say SORRY? ?#caffeine #americano

These infamous cups are a staple on every basic Instagram feed, really gives it that "I venture outside of Starbucks" aesthetic.

15. Shoutout to our Uber driver who let us use the aux cord #sorry #spicegirls

TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT just got ten times better with the windows down.

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