Welcome to Toronto! We're so happy to have you. Toronto has a lot of really cool things to do! And depending on how much time you have, you're going to want to do it all though. Beware though, Toronto is a crazy city - and we have rules. 

Toronto is a busy city, and things can get pretty wild. We've compiled a list of mistakes to avoid during a trip to Toronto so you don't piss off any locals and so that you can have the best time.

1. Avoid the tourist tax. 

Restaurants will try to make you spend more near huge tourist attractions like The Rogers Centre and The Air Canada centre. Beware!

2. Staying RIGHT downtown. 

I know we don't have the most advanced subway system in the world, but save money by getting an Air Bnb away from downtown and ride the TTC everywhere. Save money, and it's definitely an experience. 

3. Leave the car at home.

Yes we all complain about the TTC all the time, but it really is your best bet to get around faster. 

4. Skip the chain restaurants.

Don't stick to the classic Milestones or Jack Astors. Toronto has some of the coolest restaurants around, take advantage of the amazing food!

5. Only visiting the major tourist attractions. 

There are plenty of places to explore in Toronto besides the CN tower and Ripley's Aquarium. You don't have to be a tourist just cause you are one!

6. Limit yourself to only the ROM & AGO

Toronto has some AMAZING galleries that are lowkey and worth checking out. Check out 401 RichmondDivision Gallery, or The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery for starters.

7. Buying drinks at Jays Games.

That shit is EXPENSIVE. You can get $5 beers at tons of bars in the city. Cheap drinks are Toronto's specialty

8. Going to Starbucks. 

Yeah we have 100 of them too... But drink Tim Hortons while you're here. It tastes Canadian af. 

9. Only get ice cream from Sweet Jesus.

Yes it's Instagram AF and super delicious but there are TONS of places to get delicious ice cream. Can you try them all?

10. Only going to mainstream bars. 

Like our restaurants, there's tons of super unique dive bars that have WAY cheap drinks, and the best authentic Toronto bars. A trip to Toronto isn't complete without a visit to one of these places

11. Pay crazy $$$ for things you can do for free. 

Live music at Roy Thompson Hall, Adult Colouring at the Gladstone, to Free movies in the park, there are tons of cool events you can do for free in the city. Ask around and see what's happening while you're visiting!

12. Only taking cabs.

Come find out why we all hate the TTC! (We in fact hate it just a little less than the traffic). 

13. Pack clothes only based on weather predictions for your trip.

Toronto weather is the MOST unpredictable things possibly ever. Pack every kind of jacket and shoe you own: cause you just don't know.

14. Only shopping at The Eaton Centre or Yorkdale.

We have tons of cool thrift stores to explore. Don't spend tons on shopping!

15. Using "the six" seriously. 

We all know it's a joke, no one from here ACTUALLY says it. 

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