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University is expensive, and it can be hard to save when university life demands so much spending. When you live in a big city like Toronto, it's even harder to keep track of your cash. Luckily, there's tons of resources available exclusively to students that allow you to save some money while still having fun.

1. Know your rights as a tenant

A lot of Toronto landlords will try to swindle unsuspecting students into paying extra fees for your keys, and other unnecessary things. These costs can add up, so it's important to be informed. Read through these sites.

2. Grab brunch at Futures

Futures has an awesome student discount on brunch between Monday and Friday. If you're looking for a place to nurse your hangover, this is where to do it.

3. Get an SPC Card

SPC cards are loyalty cards that any student aged 16 and over is eligible for. They provide you with discounts in stores all over Canada, including American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and FedEX.

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4. Get an International Student Identity Card

This internationally recognized student card costs $20, and is only valid for 16 months, but while you have it, you have access to discounts at museums, Via Rail, and Toronto stores like Play Da Record, the Body Shop, and Papaya Island.

5. Party at Dance Cave

Dance Cave is the ultimate destination for broke students looking to turn up. They offer free cover on Friday and Saturday nights if you bring your student ID, and they've got some of the better drink deals in the city.

6. Know the power of your student card

Plenty of stores and restaurants around the city offer discounts if you present a student card. DeSerres, Topshop, 4Seasuns Tanning, and Onyx Barbershop all offer discounts to students, along with many others. It's best just to ask all the time.

7. Skip the taxi, travel with Zipcar

Zipcar offers reduced rates to students, so getting around the city in a hurry doesn't have to be an expensive drag.

8. Catch a movie at Rainbow Cinema

With an offer of $7.00 tickets to students, why would you watch your movies anywhere else?

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9. Get your groceries at Metro and Sobeys

Sobeys offers an across the board 10% discount to anyone with a student card and a store rewards card. The Metro on Bloor and Spadina also offers a 15% discount on groceries to anyone with a student card on Wednesday and Thursday.

10. Drink at university bars

University bars tend to have cheaper rates than other bars around the city, and Lou Dawgs Ryerson offers a 10% discount to those with a student card.

11. Buy and sell used

UNIMKT is an online market connecting students all across Canada, and allowing them to buy and sell their random goods at a reduced rate. Check them out next time you need to get something at a reduced rate.

12. Grab your morning coffee at Art Square Cafe

Every morning, Art Square Cafe gives free coffee to the first 10 students that walk through its doors. After that, it's 13% for anyone with a student  card.

13. Get your make up on Thursdays

The Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor and Bedford offers U of T students a 20% discount on Thursdays. If you're going to splurge on cosmetics, or restock your soap and toilet paper, this is the day to do it.

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14. Treat yourself to dinner on Fridays

If you like going out to eat, try and keep it to Fridays, when Fresh and Spring Rolls restaurants all over the city offer students a 15% discount. Not bad at all.

15. Don't sell your books back to the school

Anyone who's tried this before will know that selling your books back to your university's bookstore is a good way to lose out on almost half the money you could have made selling it directly to other students. Instead, offer your books to your classmates on your university's classifieds page, or check out

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