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Torontonians have got it on lock. The "it" I am referring to is "everything." We live in a great city and surround ourselves with great people. While other cities have their charms, Torontonians go the extra mile 24/7. Being the best is a hard-earned title, but this city definitely puts in the work for it.

Being Able To Handle Anything

Between keeping on top of shit in what can sometimes be an expensive city, and figuring out new and inventive ways to get around TTC delays every day, Torontonians can handle anything life throws at us.

Having a dope art scene

This city is home to some of the dopest art and music you've ever seen or heard.

Everyone Wants To Be In Toronto

Highest growing population in Canada, and it's all because people keep leaving their homes to come live here. Could it be because Toronto is the shit? The answer is yes.

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Every Kind of Person Lives Here

There's no way you won't meet people you like here.

Torontonians Are The Chillest People You'll Ever Meet

Everyone who comes to visit Toronto says the same thing: "The people here are so friendly!" Torontonians are welcoming to anyone who steps into this city.

We Are "Big City Life"

We're the most metropolitan city in Canada, and that means we have the best of everything, and a lot of it too.

Speaking All The Languages

Toronto is home a diverse population and between us, we represent every major language in the world a few times over. That, I think you'll agree, is pretty legit.

Being Boss At Everything

Torontonians can juggle 8 different major life commitments at a time and not even break a sweat. Be impressed.

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Knowing how to party

Just because Toronto works hard, doesn't mean it doesn't play hard. This city is host to some of the banginest parties around.

Knowing beer

Toronto is home to a bunch of amazing artisinal beer makers, and a lot of our bars also serve their own home brew. Our palate for beer is impeccable.

Getting the best of both worlds with our seasons

Our summer is warm, our winter is snowy, and nowhere near as cold as a lot of other parts of the country. That's worth celebrating.

Toronto Loves Dogs

Toronto is a dog city, and dogs are the shit, so by the transitive property, Toronto is the shit. We're also chill with cats too.

Being fly

We look cool, we dress cool, we go to cool parties. We're just cool, guys.

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Eating the dopest food

Toronto is home to some of the most mouth watering food in the country and you're jealous about it.

Not giving a shit about your Rob Ford jokes

If anyone's unoriginal enough to still be making jokes about Rob Ford, they're barely worth noticing. Everyone in Toronto is over that shit, but joke away.

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