Photo via Pedro Szekely

1. Location, location, location!

Ryerson’s buildings are spread out across Toronto, making the city our playground and our campus. Many lectures are even held inside the Yonge-Dundas Square cinemas.  Some of the province’s best food, shopping and attractions are only steps away from class!  Plus, attending Ryerson gives you an excuse to move to the city!

Photos via Toronto Predators and Ryerson Recreation

2. We own a Toronto landmark.

The former Maple Leaf Gardens was taken over by the Ryerson Rams in 2012, and became the Mattamy Athletic Centre.  Its amenities include a high performance gym, multi-purpose court and an NHL-sized ice rink—all for student use.

The historical building has welcomed a wide range of cultural icons from Elvis Presley to the Beatles, hosted the famous Muhammad Ali-George Chuvalo fight, and saw the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup 11 times.

3. They went to Ryerson.

Some of our notable alumni include: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts founder Isadore Sharp, and Hannah Simone, who is an actress on the hit series ‘New Girl’ and former MuchMusic VJ.

Photo via Fashion Magazine 

4. We have our own art gallery.

And it's totally free to go.  With Ryerson being home to so many creative and artistic students, the gallery located inside the Ryerson Image Centre is a source for inspiration or even something fun and different to do between classes.  The gallery has exhibited works from world famous artists, journalists and photographers including Edward Weston and Andy Warhol.

5. Ryerson prepares you for the real world.

If you would rather get a corporate internship than read a textbook under a tree, then Ryerson is for you. Ryerson is known for its career-focused programs and close collaboration with industry, which stems from its history as a polytechnic institution.

6. We gave Bay Street a business school to be proud of.

The Ted Rogers School of Management is the largest undergraduate business school in English Canada. It’s also located in Toronto’s financial district so students get to learn in a real-world environment.

Photo via The Guvernment

 9.  We like to party.

We may not have fraternities, but we are just blocks away from Toronto’s entertainment district. Toronto is constantly hosting student-specific parties as well as some of Canada’s hottest shows and concerts.  Is there any better way to celebrate end of exams?

Photos via Ryerson Builds

8. We're rebuilding the downtown.

The proposed Health Sciences building and Jarvis Street residences are two examples of how Ryerson is expanding and rebuilding the downtown. Additionally, the new SLC is sure to become a Toronto landmark with its unique architectural design.

Photo via Angela Glover

9.  It's more intimate.

You wont be finding class sizes of 1,000 students at Ryerson.  At Ryerson it is much easier for professors to hear their students on an individual basis and provide feedback.  This close-knit learning style also makes it easier for students to gain friendships and academic connections with students in their program.

10. We've got great style.

We don't have grub days.  With a wide range of cultural backgrounds and world-renowned fashion designer Jeremy Laing coming out of the Ryerson School of Fashion, we are a proud representer of style.

Photo via Marissa Dederer

11. You can spot celebs on our campus.

Yes, that is James Franco on our campus.  Every September, the Ryerson Theatre hosts TIFF events and screenings, giving students the opportunity to bump into celebs on their way to class!

 Photo via Steve Brooks

12. We've got spirit.

We may not have a football team, but that’s okay because basketball and hockey are our games of choice, especially with our state-of-the-art ice rink and court. There’s no better way to spend a Thursday night than $3 beers at the Mattamy decked out in blue and gold watching the Ryerson hockey team kick some ass.  Go Rams!

 Photo via Ryerson University

13. We own the Digital Media Zone

The DMZ is the top-ranked university incubator in Canada and fifth in the world.  Since it opened in 2010, the DMZ has incubated over 180 startups and over 1600 jobs have been created.

 Photo via Project(416)

14. We have our own outdoor skating rink.

Complete with an LED light show from the Ryerson Image Centre.  This spot on campus is perfect for a romantic date night, a game of shinny or a quick skate after class with friends.

Photo via RU Student Life 

 15. We're in high demand.

Ryerson gets 10 applications for every first-year spot, which is more than any other university in Ontario.  It is also ranked 10th in Canada by student enrolment.  We are an elite group–come join us.

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