In case you've been too busy living in a drunken stupor all summer, let me remind you that September is right around the corner. And with September comes (what else?) school. Whether you're starting to decide what you should do after your last year of highschool, embarking on your Western journey or are feeling a little nostalgic for your UWO days - here's a list that will prove that going to Western is a great life choice:

Photo cred: Logan Ly

  1. The Amazing School Spirit

If you’ve ever been to Western, or had a friend who goes to Western, you’ve probably noticed how much we love our school. Take it from Western students and alumni alike, there is a reason we love Western – and that’s because it’s home.

Photo Cred: Alumni Western

2. The Best Homecoming You Will Ever Attend

Homecoming at Western is amazing. Keggers, football, day drinking, literally saying “hi” to everyone you see-wearing purple. If theres any day our school spirit shines it’s definitely HoCo. Oh, and our homecoming has never been cancelled (…Queens)

Photo Cred: WeHeartIt

3. The Beer Tour of the World At The Spoke

If you like beer, or want to learn to like it, you’ve come to the right place. The Spoke Beer Tour of the World offers beers from North America, Australia and Europe. Try every beer during your Western career and win a prize (not just a hangover!).

Photo Cred: Logan Ly

4.The Insane Party Scene

Speaking of alcohol…the party scene at Western is unparalleled (I’ll have you know my friends from Queen’s have admitted to never partying harder than when they did at Western). From dorm parties, house parties, keggers, pre-drinks, the bar scene, concerts and shows, as well as after parties – there’s never a dull moment at Western. Did I mention Playboy voted us the #4 best party school in North America? And we were the only Canadian school on the list.

Photo Cred: Facebook 

5.The Really Really Ridiculously Good-looking People

Walk around the Western campus or hit up the Ceeps and within a minute you’ll notice you’re surrounded by good looking people. Other schools like to chirp our “Western bro/Western girl” stereotypes but these bros and girls are fucking hot. Whatever your taste is, you’re bound to found a hottie here.

Photo Cred: LogeyLy

6. The Top-Notch Academics

Believe it or not, people go to Western to study – not just for partying. Western is known for its stellar academic reputation – and it’s course and program selection reflect that. Want to take a course on the Psychology of Sex? Harry Potter? Witchcraft? Western’s got you covered.

Photo Cred: Innosoft Fusion

7. The State Of The Arts Western Rec Centre

I know you’re thinking: a gym? Seriously? That’s a reason to come here? But it is beautiful. And filled with beautiful people. Check it out. You’ll thank me later. The $35 million to build this gym was actually a volunteered donation from previous Western students, known as possible the largest student donation in history at a Canadian university.

Photo Cred: HaririPontarini

8. The Brand New Ivey Building

Western is also home to the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business, a.k.a Ivey. Secure a place (or a significant other) in this two-year program and you’re basically set for life on Bay Street. And the new building is to DIE for.

Photo Cred: Ava Williams

9. The Beautiful Campus

Not only does Western boast a beautiful student body, it also has a stunning campus. Seriously. Any season or time of the year, the campus is breath taking. Old, limestone and ivy-covered buildings, lots of green space and amazing architecture make it a great place to spend a ton of time at.

10. The Mustang Sports Teams

If you’re a sports fan, or an athlete, you’ll love Western. Not only do we have great varsity teams to cheer for (from football to lacrosse to badminton and back) we have a huge number of intermurals to join in on. Show your ‘Stang pride and attend a few games – you won’t regret it.

Photo Cred: Spur Fashion Show 

11. The Endless Extracurriculars

Speaking of joining in, Western has over 100 different clubs and councils to join. If there’s something you are passionate about, it’s likely Western has a group you can join. And if not? There’s plenty of opportunity to form your own club.

Photo Cred: Jazarah

12. The City of London, Ontario.

Okay, so London is (admittedly) no Toronto or Montreal. And I'm sick of adding "Ontario" when I tell people I live in London. But, to be honest, it’s a pretty great city to live in when you’re a student. It’s big enough that there’s always something going on but also concentrated enough that if you live near Western, you’re close enough to everything you need (aka Burrito Boyz and the LCBO). But seriously, London has a bunch of great restaurants and boutique stores, as well as an abundance of cheap taxis and now (finally) Uber!

Photo cred: Bubbletz

13.The Delicious Spoke CLT/Bagels

You’ve never experienced heaven if you’ve never had a CLT or a bagel from the Spoke. There’s a reason the line ups are so long…

Photo Cred: Youtube

14. Our Mascot

As far as mascots and school colours go, Western is pretty ~blessed~. Who doesn’t look good in purple? And mustangs are powerful, strong and wild. Yes, I googled ‘mustangs’ and they are technically free-roaming and wild horses. Pretty fitting, no?

Photo Cred: WesternU Website

15. The Greatest Student Experience

Last but certainly not least, Western has been awarded the title of “greatest student experience” multiple times. This isn’t by accident, people.

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