Let's be real, we all know or have known a fuckboy or two at one point in our lives. While the title isn't exclusive to Toronto, there definitely is a specific kind of fuckboy you tend to find a lot in the city. Whether you dated one or are friends with them, you definitely will know these red flags that come with every Toronto fuckboy. 

1. He uses the dog filter constantly.

Run for the hills these boys are snakey. 

2. He owns a 'Home Is Toronto' t-shirt

We get it, you just moved here from *insert small town* and are super excited about it. 

3. He has a pic in graffiti alley that he's using as the cover art for his latest rap single on Soundcloud. 


4. He's never seen without a baseball cap on.

I have come to a personal conclusion that hats for guys are what makeup is for girls so next time a boy tries to "take you swimming on the first date," remind him that his Jays hat is conveniently hiding his receding hairline. 

5. He's a club promoter.

Booths? Bottles? Bye! 

6. He's exclusively wears OVO merch. 

I STG they find one sweater and buy it in every colour under the sun. 

7. He vapes. 

That's a very cool snapchat story of you snapchatting and driving while blowing out vape smoke, 10/10 content thanks so much. 

8. He has "the haircut."

Prospective fuck boy: "You know Phil Deville from Rugrats?"

Barber: "Say no more." 

9. He thinks Drake is the best rapper right now. 

"More Life is like easily the best album of this year" ..hard pass. 

10. He thinks the term 'fuckboy' is dumb but calls girls sluts/broads/birds etc. 

If you can't take it then don't dish it out! 

11. When Winter hits he wears a goose vest in the club. 

I mean come on. 

12. His can't finish a sentence without saying "ahlie "styll" or "doe." 

Proper English?? What's that!?

13. He's a "photographer" sliding into your DMs wanting to "collab." 

You and your dad's old DSLR can catch my R bomb thank you very much. 

14. He's either a fuckboy that exclusively wears Sperrys or Timbs. 

Take your pick: "My dad will sue" or "Yoooo me and Drake are second cousins."

15. The only thing he seems to be able to comment on anyone's photo is the 👀 emoji. 

Has any guy actually been successful with getting a girl to slide into his DMs after doing this? Asking for a friend. 

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