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It is every party goers favourite week of the year, Halloween is this Friday! Before you pull out your fish nets, push up bras and bunny ears to party all kinds of hard you should get in as much beauty rest as you possibly can and what better way to kick it than to indulge in some major hours of netflix.

We are one step ahead of you, as we usually are, and have dug up some of the best options currently streaming on Netflix Canada to get you in the mood for this weekends festivities. If you still don't have plans for Halloween, check out 12 horrifyingly amazing Toronto halloween 2014 parties to attend here. But first! Netflix away friends, Netflix away.


The original though, not the remake, C'mon! Carrie was actually Stephen King's first published novel in 1974 and then two years later it was adapted, for the first time (and what should've been the only time) into a film starring Sissy Spacek as Carrie. Carrie, an outcast teen with telekinetic powers, goes all nutso when the popular kids in school play a terrible prank on her at the prom.

From Dusk Till Dawn

This netflix original series binds horror film and crime show together in From Dusk Till Dawn. Robert Rodriguez created the show based on his cult classic about bank-robbing brothers who are on the run from a man devoted to bringing them to justice. The story includes a family who gets caught in the middle of it all and some demonic creatures looking to eat everyone else. The shows stars Wilmer Valderrama and Jake Busey.

Visiting Hours

This slasher film gets all kinds of crazy, and stars William Shatner, so win-win situation. The story follows a female journalist who's attacked by a serial killer who then comes to visit her in the hospital, if we had to venture a guess he was not invited for visiting hours.

The Killing

A netflix original, that is not actually originally from Netflix, The Killing premiered in April 2011 on AMC before being cancelled in 2012, brought back and cancelled again in 2013 so apparently The Killing cannot be killed. Netflix is now airing a new, fourth season, of the show that will consist of six episodes to wrap up the series. The show is a crime thriller that follows Detectives Linden and Holder as they investigate gruesome mass slayings while also covering up crimes of their own.


Elijah Wood on his own kind of creeps us out, but maybe that's just us. Maniac is the story of a mannequin store owner (already scary) who ends up being obsessed with a young artist after she asks him for help with an exhibit. Not only does this freak-o become obsessed with her he starts to love blood. So blood, mannequins, and creepy Elijah Wood...

Here Comes The Devil

Here Comes The Devil was adapted from a Mexican film, which are ordinarily much scarier than your standard horror flick. This movie tells the story of grieving parents whose children go missing on the border of Tijuana. When their children return the parents are overcome with happiness but it doesn't take long to realize that these children have come back seriously effed up.

The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black is a British horror film starring Britain's brightest export, Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe. It's a remake of a 1989 movie that was based off a book but the most recent release is probably the creepiest. Radcliffe plays a young lawyer that finds himself in a town dealing with some pretty freakin' creepy sinister type stuff.

Birth of The Living Dead

So this one is a bit unconventional because it's a documentary but it's about the making of the super messed up Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero, a zombie movie from the 1960s. The documentary's actually a super interesting and insightful look at the movie's narrative and how it reflected the times.

The Cabin In The Woods

Dreamboat Chris Hemsworth stars in this movie which makes it a little less scary, just a little. In all honesty, this movie is more one of the movies you watch with all your friends and make fun of. It's the story of 5 friends who arrive at a secluded cabin for a trip that, for whatever reason, comes with a clear set of rules. They obviously break all of these rules and all hell breaks loose.

Let's Scare Jessica To Death

Any movie from the 1970s is bound to be scary- even if just for the sheer lack of cinematic value. The movie follows Jessica, who is released from a mental institution after she suffers a mental breakdown and well, basically, things do not get any easier for her after she's set free. First of all, she goes to live in an old farmhouse somewhere on an island in Connecticut, so you do the math.

The Fly

A 1958 horror movie, The Fly, validates the argument that the older the movie the creepier and stranger it is. This movie centers around an obsessive scientist who invents some sort of transport machine but ends up accidentally switching his DNA with that of a fly. Needless to say, things don't work out well for him with fly DNA.

Pet Sematary

A Stephen King film, so it's bound to scare the shit out of you or totally gross you out, perfect for the week leading up to Halloween. It's also rated R so that's probably a pretty good indication of how nuts it gets. The story is about Louis, who finds a burial ground that brings the dead back to life but only they're brought back super evil, evil that eventually Louis starts to use to his advantage.


This 2013 horror film premiered at Tiff in the same year and Toronto didn't hate it. The film stars Alexia Rasmussen as a woman who experiences a miscarriage after being viciously attacked and subsequently joins a support group. All kinds of crazy things transpire as a result of the new people she meets in support group. This movie is a bit more of a psychological thriller and it gets pretty dark- be forewarned.

Rigor Mortis

2013's Rigor Mortis is a horror film that comes to us courtesy of Hong Kong so you know it's bound to get real. Real scary, that is. The film actually focuses around the actor of another film series, Mr Vampire, and shares a lot of the same actors. Formerly successful actor Chin Siu-ho becomes depressed and suicidal after his wife ditches him, so he moves into a creepy and broken down 'bachelor pad.' Essentially, the poor washed-up actor is all mopey and then starts to experience all kinds of evil in his gross new apartment building when a tenant unwillingly brings in some supernatural chaos.

Ichi The Killer

A 2001 Japanese thriller from filmmaker Takashi Miike, Ichi The Killer is the story of feuding yakuza gangs through the eyes of scarred and psychologically effed up Ichi who ends up assaulting and killing a ton of people. People love this movie, mostly because people love movies that get banned in numerous countries, so if you've already seen it you probably won't mind watching it again in anticipation of Halloween. If you haven't already seen it and are into high impact violence and graphic, we mean graphic, shots of crazy shit, then do check it out.

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