Have you even caught yourself in such a crazy situation that you can't believe it's actually happening? It's the type of situation you've only ever seen on TV - then you realize that shit like this happens to you all the time and you should be the one on TV. You're the one who always gets in the wildest adventures and has the best stories to tell during happy hour.

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for most, but for some of us it isn't that far off from our real lives. Read on for the obvious signs that you and your friends need to start campaigning for your own Toronto reality show.

1. You drink green smoothies and go spinning at Rocket Cycle by day..

2. And then throw back shots of vodka at Pravda by night.

3. You never actually go out for "one drink."

4. There's always an after party (usually at your apartment).

5. You've publicly made a fool of yourself multiple times.

6. The guys at Big Slice know you by name and order.

7.  Everyone laughs at your jokes because you're hilarious.

8. You always hear the craziest rumours about yourself.

9. You and your girlfriends have the same taste in men.

10. You have at least 3 friends who are local celebrities.

11. You are a Toronto asshole every now and again.

12. You already live in one of these neighbourhoods.

13. You try to diet, but street meat always gets the best of you.

14. You go out A LOT more than most people.

15. But after all, you are the life of every party.

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