Slang words and phrases are constantly being used all around the world and there is always new slang in the 6ix. We learn from Drake, we hear the words on the streets and they are obviously hashtagged all over social media. However, that does not mean us Torontonians, are familiar with international slang, therefore I have compiled a list of hilarious, interesting phrases and words from different countries.  Here's a list of 15 slang terms and phrases that can potentially become hot up in the 6ix right now.

1. On the pull

A Torontonian would assume this phrase is similar to "on the run", but according to the British slang "on the pull" is an expression used when looking for sex.

2. Made Redundant

You're redundant, meaning you're useless for Torontonians, but in Britain this term is literally means to fire and is a phrase commonly used to fire people.

3. Strawberry Creams

Is there a Brit version of Peaches & Cream by 112? Nope, these words are used to describe female breasts. 

4. Do

What do you want me to do? Well, the British people say "let's go to a domeaning to a Torontonian, "let's go to a party." 

5. Chips

No, chips are not Miss Vickie's, they are actually French fries, according to the Irish and British.

6. Pop

What kind of pop do you have? We would ask at a restaurant in Toronto. But pop for American's actually means to buy. 

7. Push off

You would push a creep off at Guv if they were harassing you, but in the States if someone is to push off, they are voluntarily leaving.

8. Rack

Most Torontonians would use the word rack to describe a nice pair of breasts but in America a "rack" is a bed and to "rack out" means to sleep.

9. Rag

If someone said "pass me a rag", a Torontonian would assume it's an old cloth, but in the States a rag is also a term used for a newspaper.

10. Air beige

What on earth does this mean? The Scottish say air beige = fart.

11. Boot

I need a boot please. If you asked a Scottish man for a boot, he would introduce you to an ugly woman.

12. Ripper

Many Torontonians refer to strippers as rippers, but in Australia ripper means really great.

13. Billabong

Are you referring to the surf/skater store? Nope, according to Aussie's, a billabong is a waterhole.

14. Tart

There are so many bakeries in Toronto to eat pastries, but in Australia a tart is a derogatory word for a woman.

15. Stuffed

This term would be used by a Torontonian after eating an excessive amount of food at all you can eat sushi, but Aussie's use this as an expression of surprise.

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