Honestlyworking at a movie theatre isn't s0 bad. You get free movies, great food discounts, and sometimes you even get to take home official movie posters.

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But, like any job, working at a movie theatre can have its annoying moments. Here are 15 struggles every movie theatre worker will understand:

When customers stuff their garbage under their seats because they're too lazy to use the garbage bins.

Like... why tho. Don't make me bring it back to you like "Sir, you forgot this."

Movies are spoiled for you because you always find out how they end during your theatre checks.

Unavoidable self-induced spoilers.

When you're working the projection booth alone and it's scary as hell.

So this is the shift where I die. ?

Changing soda bibs.

Enough said.

When people enter the theatre early and you're still cleaning.

... The door. ?

Cleaning pop drink spills.

Popcorn spills > pop drink spills any day.

When a customer blames you for a movie being bad.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I directed and produced the movie you just watched.

Being asked to make an entirely new batch of popcorn without any salt, (or oil, or butter, or GMOs, or gluten...)

Just for one customer.

When a customer asks you what time the 7 o' clock showing is.

? ?✌️ (me getting into a rocket and leaving the planet)

Leaving your shift with your hair and clothes smelling like sweat, grease and popcorn.

Not a good look.

When it gets super busy right when your coworker leaves for break.


Having to clean the theatres that are playing the Marvel movies.


When customers complain about the concession prices as if you made them.

It's ? not ? my ? call. ?

Being scheduled to work even on national holidays because your theatre is open 365 days a year.

How fun.

When the power goes out.

Get ready for hell on earth ???

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