There's a lot to love about Burlington.  There's the beautiful waterfront, amazing restaurants, and numerous walking trails.

Though, there were definitely some first world struggles that came with growing up in Burlington.  Most of them seemed much more dramatic at 7 years old, but were definitely a reality at the time.

This one is for all my fellow Burlingtonians! :)

1. Public Transit

Burlington Public Transit sucks.  Some neighbourhoods in Burlington don't even allow buses, which makes it pretty tricky to get around if you couldn't drive yet.  And, even if you do manage to catch a bus, there's a very good chance it's running 20 minutes late.

2. You / someone you knew bleached their hair for hockey season.

It's a shame picture day always came around during hockey season. More than half the boys in my grade 4 class picture either have frosted tips or a completely bleached mop on their head.

3. Whenever you went to a fast-food restaurant at least one of your friends was working.

Once grade 9 hit it was like McDonald's immediately hired half of the 14 year old population.

4. Your summers were spent waiting for pool invites.

If you didn't have a pool, it was pretty likely that you knew at least five people who did.

5. The disappointment of Burlington Mall.

Whenever somebody suggested going to the mall you had to clarify which one, because nobody wants to get stuck going to Burlington mall over Mapleview.

6. Taking the waterfront for Granted

As a kid Spencer Smith Park was pretty cool, but now that you're older you can really appreciate how beautiful it is and the amazing restaurants near by.

7. You took house league soccer too seriously.

Once you got the call about which team you were on you immediately called all your friends make sure they were the same one.

8.  Teen Tour Band was always underrated.

Yes, I will agree that the hats looked dumb,  but the BTTB had some insanely talented kids.  #Respect

9. You were devastated when The Big Sweet closed.

This was the best candy shop in Burlington, and 7-year-old me was very sad to see it go.

10. You would join school teams / clubs based on whether they had a trip to Canada's wonderland.

Why else do you think there were 80 kids in the grade 7/8 concert band?!

11. Tansley Woods Dance.

Your squad would file out of your parent's mini van and enter that gymnasium like you owned the place.  Then the next day at school all you would talk about is who slow danced with who.

12. Exam Week vs. Sound of Music

It seemed like every year Sound of Music always fell in the middle of high school exam week.  If you were lucky, your parents would give you the night off of studying to go see Mariana's Trench, but it was always hard to convince them.

13. Ribfest Line Ups.

As a kid you weren't too concerned about the food. You were way more worried about the wait time for the polar express ride!

14. When RC's ice cream closes for the winter.

Your parents were instantly 100% cooler if they suggested going to RC's, and you had to take advantage during the summer months.

15. Everything Aside, you love(d) Burlington.

No matter what, you loved growing up in Burlington and it will always feel like home.

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