Ahh the honeymoon stage, when everything seems perfect in a relationship. You and your partner don't fight...you want to hangout with each other 24/7... and you both are still "trying" to look good when you see each other. After you've been together for some time and are stamped with an official relationship title, things get old as reality sets in. And at last, the honeymoon stage comes to an end.

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What would you do to go back in time to the honeymoon stage, even just for one day? There are certain things most girls in relationships would like to have back from the honeymoon stage. Check it out...

1. You want to be fancy.

Special outings and amazing restaurant dates tend to fade out when you're in a relationship. They still happen, but not as often.

2. You want to be daring and explore with your partner.

Hanging out to (literally) Netflix & chill gets old after a while. Being adventurous with your partner is so much fun!

3. You want to try extra hard on your makeup/outfit when you see him.

Those were the days.

4. You want him to apologize right away after you guys get into a fight.

When they are so in love with you, they admit to being wrong during every disagreement you have and never blame you for anything.

5. You want to pretend everything is peachy all the time.

There's no need to dump each other's life problems on each other. 

6. You don't want to know every time he has to take a number 2.

Keeping bodily functions private was a luxury that one cannot get back. 

7. You want to stay up all night talking about life.

Those nights were the best! 

8. You want to get butterflies every time someone asks about him.

When you were so giddy about your new relationship, you couldn't hide it. 

9. You want that excitement when they text you.

AHH that feeling, and then thinking about something to say back for a solid 20 mins. 

10. You want to constantly agree with each other.

When you're both too shy to show your true opinion on an issue. Heh those were the cute days.

11. You constantly want to be touched.

 #takemeback -__ -

12. You want to have sex all the time.

Whenever. Wherever. However. Just wanna do it.

13.  You want to be surprised once again.

When he planned little things, your heart fluttered. 

14. You want him to hide his bad habits.

Remember when he pretended he didn't smoke?

15. You want him to tell you how much he loves you in paragraph texts.

Getting those texts randomly at work would make your whole day. 

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