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Torontonians have always been really proud of our fair city. Our collective pride has given us a bit of a reputation around the country for being full of ourselves, but we can't really help it when everything we do is awesome. There are certain things that we don't really admit to though. Things that we try not to talk about unless we're safely around other Torontonians we trust. These are things that we love about our city, but don't necessarily want everyone to know we love. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Being kind of like New York

I feel like I may be breaking a Toronto cardinal rule for admitting it, but we love it when people compare us to New York. Not that we're not proud to be our own thing, obviously, but New York is doing its thing so well. It's nice for us to think that we might be doing our thing about as well too.

Our crowds

Let's just admit it. People here are pretty jazzed about all the people here, even while we complain. We love living in a big ass city, and we love that you could meet a new person here every day for years without running out.

We have all the money and style

Toronto's hit the sweet spot- in relation to other Canadian cities, we have the best economy relative to party life. We're not a constant party like Montreal, no, but we're able to employ a lot more of our residents. And we may not have the minimum wage and job assurance levels of Edmonton, but jeez, chill out a bit man.

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Being Fresh to Death

Torontonians put a lot of effort into their looks, and it shows. Walk down any of our busier streets and it's like being on a runway.

Being sexy

We want to look good in those nice clothes too. Torontonians spend ages working out, so it's obvious that we like lookin' fly and don't want to stop.

All our quirky, hipstery goodness

Clothing stores that are also barber shops, bars that are also arcades, Torontonians love a nifty gimick, and we can't resist showing off our quirkiness and sense of humour with everything we do.

How cute our city is

Just spend some time on instagram, and look up the hashtag #toronto, and you will find an endless supply of examples of what I'm talking about. Sure, plenty of tourists take pictures of Toronto as well, but Torontonians are here all day every day, and we still can't get sick of how gorgeous this place is.

Crushing winter

On the real, our winter is brutal. But we actually have it better than most other major cities in the country (save Vancouver, those bastards). We like that we get to have an actual winter, with big piles of snow you can toboggan on before warming up by the fire. And at the same time, yeah, last winter was particularly miserable, but it certainly wasn't as bad here as it was in the rest of the country.

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Our sick ass libraries

Despite the fact that our public libraries aren't getting anywhere near as much traction as they were fifteen years ago, they're still pretty abundantly used for a library system. This is thanks to how well they're set up, and how fantastically organized their operations are. The library is definitely something we do right.


Okay so maybe this one isn't so secret. I feel like most Torontonians have a deep and burning passion for Drake, that probably has to do with more than just his music. Everyone here's got a favourite Drake song, and we took to "the 6" faster than anything. We love our Drizzy, and he loves us right back.

Paint rollers

I'm still not clear on why, but multiple Torontonians have bragged about paint rollers having been invented here to me over the years. As far as I'm concerned, we have a few more interesting inventions, but hey. Can't hate, paint rollers are pretty useful.

Our pizza pies

Toronto is a burger city (and maybe a Chinese food city too), but hell if we don't have fantastic pizza. We don't typically brag about it, from Pizzaiolo to that mom and pop down the street, you're usually in safe hands here wherever you go for a slice.

Our Odd Obsession With Christmas

It's not really cool to take wholesome family holidays too seriously, but we definitely do it up every year at Christmas. The city immediately becomes a more festive place, and people are visibly more cheerful than during the rest of the year.

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Our music scene

The music world in Toronto is ever expanding. Folks come here from all across the country to try their luck and develop a fan base. This is the place to go if you want to be a musician in Canada, and we all know it.

Every one of our sports teams

We just can't help it with this one. Although the Leafs haven't won a Stanley Cup in almost 50 years (don't kill me), Toronto's love for them knows no bounds. We're also devoted to our other teams, whether they're up or down and will continue to be until the end of time.

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