When you live in Toronto it's hard to remember that we're not the centre of the universe. Being a streetcar away from amazing restaurants, bars and events can make it easy to forget that some people live in towns of less than 3 million people.

Leaving a small town to come to the big city can be a big change. You're not only out of your comfort zone, you've come to Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world. Saying that it can be a culture shock is an understatement.

A lot of people in Toronto aren't actually from the city. So if you've moved from a small town here is a list of 15 things you learn after moving to the big smoke.

1. Neighbours are just strangers in the condo beside you.

Growing up in a town of a few thousand it's hard to escape talking to your neighbour of over a decade. With the constant turnover of people in the city you probably won't ever talk to your neighbour let alone see them.

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2. Food possibilities are limitless.

Sure you loved all the mom and pop restaurants your hometown but could you uber Tibetan food right to your doorstep? Probably not. Life will never be the same now that there are more food options then Kelseys or Crabby Joe's.

3. Finding an apartment is hard.

Moving in a city where everyone is looking for cheap rent makes it all the more difficult to nail down a nice place. Sometimes you resent how much your friends at home pay in rent for an apartment triple the size of yours.


4. Traffic is a whole new kind of hell.

Small farm towns mean you have to have a car to get around but after moving to the city you seriously question driving anywhere. Why drive with a million other people trying to get around when you could just take transit? Worst comes to worst - uber.

5. Camo is not a regular trend.

When people wear camo in the city it's for genuine fashion purposes. No one wears camo head to toe  because no one is going hunting with their brother later.

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6. Silence is valuable.

Before moving away you never realized how quiet your hometown really is. With so many people, animals, cars and sirens, it's hard to get a silent moment.

7. Everything costs way more.

Living in Toronto comes at a cost. The average one-bedroom apartment costs $1,500, more restaurant and store selection means competitive prices plus your entertainment and transit costs.

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8. Gossiping is not a priority anymore.

When you're surrounded by people you've known forever it's easy to get wrapped up into gossip. In the city you're less likely to run into people who care about what your frenemy did with your ex last night.

9. Movie theatres are no longer an hour away.

Whether you had a tiny local cinema or not, living in a small-town meant going out of town to the nearest Cineplex to see the newest releases.

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10. You don't have to greet everyone you see on the street.

In a small town it's more than likely you'll see people you know on the street but that rarely happens in the city. People you don't know are going to pay more attention to their iPhone than you.

11. Finding nature isn't as hard as you think.

via @moezbFor some, leaving a small town means leaving trees, rivers and wilderness trails behind. Luckily, Toronto has so many parks and trails that it makes it easy to find a little bit of nature when you need it. Plus being located right on Lake Ontario is a big bonus.

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12. Your neighbourhood may be bigger than where you are from.

Not only may your section of Toronto be more populated than your hometown, people will also be genuinely shocked when you tell them how small your town is. "There are only 900 people?!"

13. Alone time becomes the best time.

Being surrounded by tons of people everyday can be overwhelming. In a small town it's easy to get bored fast but in the city sometime's it's nice just to grab dinner, get a manicure, or go workout by yourself.

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14. Drinking is not a weekend obligation.

Since there is nothing to do in a town of a few thousand it's easy to get wrapped up in going to the local bars every weekend. Living in the city there are way, way, way more entertainment options than the regular watering hole on Friday and Saturday.

15. As much as you miss home you can't go back.

Once you go back to what used to be home it's just not the same. There was a reason you left in the first place and you wish to go back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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