We've all been there, talking up our amazing city of Toronto. Yet sometimes there seems to be a few exaggerated comments about the city, or little untruths. This is a list of the top 15 lies that end up being told about Toronto! How many have you said?

1. "Toronto is JUST like New York"

Uhhh, unless we have Barney’s and the Plaza Hotel, I’m pretty positive Toronto is NOT just like NYC

2. "Toronto is NOT a bandwagon city"

So the Blue Jays are winning and the Leafs have Babcock, are you REALLY fans though?

3. "The TTC was delayed"

No…. you slept through your alarm and couldn’t get out of bed.

4. "I've partied with Drake"

Let’s be frank, you haven’t.

5. "I'm from Etobicoke, that's Toronto"

We know your lying, Etobicoke is NOT Toronto.

6. "Toronto has great beaches!"

If being man-made is great then sure?

7. "Toronto hydro is the best"

Electricity goes out every time there is a minor rainstorm.

8. "You can be filmed on Suits if you head to Bay Street"

Not everyone can be an extra!

9. "That the ROM is actually really pretty"

No, it’s just ugly.

10. "That winter in Toronto is not that bad"

 Don’t know about you, but it's pretty cold for me!

11. "I am so excited for the new subway line"

Sitting in traffic for 2 hours on Eglinton isn’t fun, and when will the new line even be finished?

12. "The St. Clair streetcar is very fast, and always on time"

When you arrive everywhere 15 minutes late thanks to the 512.

 13."Target in Canada was as good as Target in the US"

...so why did it not last longer?

14. "We have snow days all the time!"

15ft of snow and truly the TDSB does not care.

15. "I'm proud that Justin Bieber is practically from Toronto"

He's a degenerate that urinates in buckets, we are for sure still not proud.

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