Travelling on the TTC, and on public transport in general, requires a commuter's survival guide. The first rule of Commuter Club is to expect the worst and prepare for it. Having a smooth commute is totally possible with a little mental preparation and some deep breathing. Trust me, the only way to not yell at the screaming children is to breathe. If you're new to the TTC, welcome. If there's one good thing about commuting, it's that it makes you tougher. Seriously though, there's no room for fragile birds on the streetcar.

Regardless of how long you've been taking the bus or how well you know the subway lines, standing in an overcrowded lot will never be easy. Finding enough space to hold onto a pole is sometimes asking for too much, let alone not falling on the person next to you. Every rider of the Rocket can appreciate these 15 tips to making their commute a little more bearable:

1. Always wear headphones. Yes, even when your battery is dead.

Headphones provide a false sense of personal space that no one can violate. Well, except crying children.

2. Speaking of battery, always pack a travel charger.

Enough said.

3. And if you haven't downloaded the RocketMan App, what are you waiting for?

The app provides a map and arrival times of buses and trains, along with bike sharing locations. It's basically the closest thing to a miracle you can download.

4. Be prepared for a variety of climates by packing an extra sweater or deodorant.

It's either too cold or too hot throughout the year.

5. Having a really big bag, whether it be a tote or backpack, will allow you to bring everything with you – except your kitchen sink.

Hermione seriously knew what she was doing with the Undetectable Extension charm…

6. Don't forget your heightened sense of self-awareness.

Know exactly how much space you're occupying, try not to block others, and don't step on anyone behind you, #tysm.

7. …So please don't manspread.

Just... No.

8. An acute sense of hearing also helps.

If the subway map is being blocked, turn down your volume to hear your next stop.

9. If you're standing with nothing to hold for support, ground yourself.

If you slightly bend your knees and balance your weight equally through all four corners of your feet, you should be ok.


When you enter the bus or subway, move down so people can easily fill the space without you blocking them.

11. Speaking of move down, the furthest subway car and the back of the bus are usually the least crowded areas.

12. Having a separate pouch/wallet for your tokens, tickets, POP's and Prestocard will save a lot of time.

Like a lot.

13. And if you're going to buy any passes, buy them from the newsstand.

It's better than standing in the long line by the actual till.

14. Grab a granola bar while you're at it too, because chances are you'll get stuck in a delay and you're starving.

Plus, granola bars don't smell bad.

15. If you see the same TTC officer at your station everyday, make friends with them.

Chances are, they recognize you too, and it never hurts to be friendly.

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