It's important to keep things interesting in a relationship. After a while some couples become bored with their partners, but that doesn't mean they don't love each other - it means they're not keeping things spicy.

Do you feel like your relationship is lacking excitement? Is there a way to bring back the spark the two of you once had? Of course there is. In order to keep the that electrifying feeling, you need to experiment and do things together (that might seem out of your comfort zone.)

Whether you're in desperate need to fix your relationship or you're looking to have some fun, here are 14 ways you can spice up your relationship in Toronto:

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Photo Cred - Oasis Aqua Lounge

1.  Go to Oasis Aqua Lounge // 231 Mutual St.

Oasis Aqua Lounge is an upscale sex club that offers a variety of activities for couples to indulge in. This adult playground offers water spa services and rooms for couples to get out of their comfort zone to explore their sexuality. For example there's the Red room, a Dungeon, a Porn room, the Shaggin Wagon and a bedroom with peep holes if you're a voyeur. Oasis is the perfect place to get frisky and spice up your relationship to a total different level.

2. Go on a date to O'Noir // 620 Church St

Having dinner in the dark can totally add intimacy to your relationship. O' Noir provides a sensual dining experience like no other restaurant. Your senses will be stimulated during this fun and extraordinary date not only from the food, but towards your significant other as well.

3. Partner Yoga @ Yoga Buds // 165 Dewbourne Ave

Get close and personal with your significant other by taking a partners yoga class. Couples yoga can improve your communication skills, help understand your partners body language and overall strengthen your relationship through practice. By holding each others body and depending on each other for balance, you learn how to appreciate one another.

4.  Dance Salsa @ Lula Lounge  // 1585 Dundas St.W

Add some Latin flavor to your relationship and salsa your night away at Lula Lounge. Moving your bodies simultaneously will create a hot, sexy vibe between the two of you and will lead you to the bedroom in no time. Did you know that dancing naturally increases your endorphins? Don't forget to have some tequila!

5. Speak to a fortune teller @ The Libertine // 1307 Dundas St W

Open up secrets to one another and go for a tarot or palm reading at The Libertine. Hopefully the reading doesn't go wrong, but it's interesting to have such an experience together. Curiosity is spicy, let the teller answer all your questions.

6. Have a photo shoot @ The Boudoir Corner  

Take sexy photos with each other at The Boudoir Corner. A professional photographer will guide your bodies and teach you how to pose in an appealing manner. This photo shoot will create a powerful intimacy and remind you of the strong connection that you and your significant other have for one another. Remember, memories and photographs can last a life time!

7. Go to Skydive Toronto // 3065 4TH Line

Couples need have some adventure time together in order to spice up a relationship. What's a better way to do that than sky diving? Experience the crazy adrenaline together!

8. Shop @ Come As You Are // 493 Queen St.

It's always important to keep things interesting in the bedroom. In order to do that, you need to have your sex toys and accessories game on point. Come As You Are has a variety of these items for sale but the staff can also teach you all about sex. For example, there is a class that will teach you how to make your very own x-rated film. How exciting!

9. Check out the Everything To Do With Sex Show // Enercare Centre

Every year the Everything To Do With Sex Show comes to Toronto. It is North America's largest sex exhibit that puts on tantalizing stage shows, sex seminars, erotic performances, has a kinky playroom and allows you to do plenty of shopping with everything that has to do with sex! Spice up your sex life by getting everything you need for the bedroom by going to the best sex exhibit!!! Check out this year's exhibit from October 21-23rd at the Enercare Centre.

Photo cred - Pinterest 

10. Go to Tantra Workshops // The Briars Inn Hedge Road,Jackson's Point

Tantra Workshops will teach you everything about getting it on with your partner by exploring the Eastern perspective of sexuality. There are a variety of different courses to take such as a foreplay course, a genital massage course and many other lessons that will provide all the information you need to become an expert with sexual intimacy.

11. Make chocolate @ Chocolate Tales Workshop // 519 Eglinton Ave W

Make your own chocolate together at Chocolate Tales Workshop. You'll learn everything you need to know about the craft of chocolate and take it home to enjoy in the bedroom with strawberries ???

12. Make your own booze @ Fermetations // 201 Danforth Ave.

Go on a date to Fermetations and make your own wine,beer,cider or cooler. The experience will be very memorable and you get to try booze the two of you made together!

13. Eat @ Rodney's Oyster House // 469 King St. W

If you're not already aware, having a couple of oysters will increase your sex drive. They contain compounds that raise testosterone and oestrogen levels, that will turn your bedroom experience into something very special. Have some wine along with delicious oysters at Rodney's Oyster House and head on home to have some fun in the bedroom.

Photo cred - Pinterest 

14. Take a pottery making class @ Gardiner Museum //111 Queen's Park

There's something sexy about pottery making, well at least it looks like it in the movies. Take a class at the Gardiner Museum and use four hands to craft something together. An activity like this allows you to experiment with each other and produce a piece of art!

15. Do it somewhere random

Take a risk and "do it" somewhere you're not suppose to... It's the feeling of getting caught that makes having sex somewhere random so hot.

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