Where would we be without online shopping? Living in the internet age means we get to experience overnight shipping and never missing out on a good lip kit. Is there anything better than waking up to a huge box of goodies? No, probably not.

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Before we would actually have to spend hours running errands to get all our necessities. Thanks to Amazon we can now do virtually nothing and receive our everyday supplies at our door.

So if online shopping is your hobby we have exactly what you need. Here are 14 weird things you need off Amazon right now!

1. The Sushi Bazooka to make your own sushi at home!

Because who doesn't want to make their own sushi? The Sushi Bazooka can make even the most untalented chef a sushi master!

Buy it here! 

2. Use a Beard Bib so your sink is always clean.

Any guy with a beard knows that upkeep can be messy. If you're constantly under fire for leaving beard trimmings in the sink this device is definitely for you.

Buy it here! 

3. The wonderful Handicorn because everyone loves unicorns!

This little gadget it is fun and great to make your friends laugh. The Handicorn are five finger puppets that let you make a little unicorn! You'll make everyone laugh at your next party with this little guy!

Buy it here!  

4. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure for all the single ladies.

If you're a single lady put your hands up. This action figure will take you back to your elementary school days while also representing your current dating status.

Buy it here! 

5. An amazing sloth shower curtain that resonates with your soul.

We can all be a little lazy sometimes... Okay, a lot lazy! But this sloth pole dancing will give you all kinds of encouragement for all the right reasons.

Buy it here! 

6. Five pounds of Haribo Gummi Bears for a sweet treat.

Because who doesn't love gummy bears? Not only is Amazon amazing for delivering candy straight to our door, five pounds is absurd and we love it!

Buy here it! 

7. Floor cleaning slippers for our laziest days.

This is essentially a lazy life hack but whoever invented these slippers is a genius! Sure they look kind of weird but you'll be thanking us when you never have to sweep your floor.

Buy it here! 

8. Grow a Boyfriend / Girlfriend so your family stops judging you.

It is already hard enough to be a single person. For your next family event just grow your own partner so your family will back off! ADDED BONUS, they will never be able to talk back to you!

Buy it here! 

9. Exotic monkey faced flowers for those with a green thumb.

These plants are freaky but we're also obsessed. Why does it look like a monkey? Who knows, but it does add an exotic and strange feel to any room.

Buy it here!

10. Pizza scissors to get the perfect slice!

Nothing is worse than when your pizza slice isn't properly cut! How do you take a cute Insta if your pizza isn't a triangle? Never miss the opportunity again now that you have these amazing pizza scissors.

Buy it here! 

11. This mug with the best life motto.

How can you go through life without getting something for yourself every once in a while? Treat yo' self to this adorable mug to never forget the motto.

Buy it here!

12.  These air fresheners that are not only Titanic-themed, but also feature kittens.

Not only is this cute and hilarious, it also smells good! Whether you need it for your car, locker or want some tacky decorations, this air freshener is something you could only find on the internet.

Buy it here!

13. Try some new recipes with this hilarious chicken cookbook.

Keeping this on a bookshelf nearby is sure to get a few laughs. Not only will you learn to cook some serious chicken recipes, you'll also have an amazing joke whenever you host a party!

Buy it here! 

14. This shirt that says what we're thinking the majority of the time.

Honestly, life is hard. This shirt totally understands the struggle that we go through on the daily. So wear it when you want to explain that you have no idea about what's going on.

Buy it here! 

15. Serve up some soup with this Nessie soup ladle!

Nessie Loch Ness soup ladle will ensure being sick is never boring. This adorable little soup ladle is the perfect addition to any kitchen!

Buy it here!

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