Saying goodbye isn't always easy, especially when it comes to eateries. Delicious food, vibrant atmospheres and lips-smacking drinks - are all important features that restaurants offer.

Even though there are over 8,000 restaurants in Toronto and hundreds of them open on a yearly basis, many of them shut down as well. 2016 has been an eventful one for our city and that applies to restaurant closings as well.

For those of you who don't already know here's a list of 16 popular Toronto restaurants that closed down in 2016:

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1. Valdez // 606 King St W.

Thankfully the same owners have opened up Baro!!!

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2. Bull Dog Coffee // 86 Gerrard Street E. 

Unfortunately no more colorful lattes or Oreo marshmallow brownies :( 

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3. Joy Bistro // 884 Queen St E. 

This resto was one of Toronto's go to brunch spots, but we had to say goodbye.

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4. Rock Lobster // 538 Queen Street W.

Who ever didn't try their signature Caesar, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Lobster Rolls and Waffles - you seriously missed out.

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5. Oats & Ivy // 171 E Liberty St.

One of the best organic food and juice bars closed in Liberty Village. So much for healthy eating... *tears*

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6. The Harbord Room // 89 Harbord St.

Absolutely unbelievable! Toronto's go-to stop for dates, burgers and crafted cocktails closed its doors in October.

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7. Sushi Queen // 204 Queen St.W

The best all you can eat sushi joint on Queen West that had amazing rolls for an affordable price shut down.

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8. The Cure // 1484 Dundas St W.

Also formally known as The Hogtown Cure, this was the ultimate casual resto for any foodie, whether it was for brunch, lunch or dinner.

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9. Cheesewerks // 56 Bathurst St.

After 5 years of successful business, this gourmet cheese resto wrapped up their cheese.

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10. The Saint Tavern // 227 Ossington Ave.

According to their website, they do plan to open in the future at a different location.

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11. Lolita's Lust // 513 Danforth Ave.

The popular spot in the Danforth closed after being in business for two decades. Former owner, Sam Scanga opened up Braised, a euro-style resto located in Leslieville.

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12. Porter House // 1321 Dundas St W.

Prepare to be devastated vegans, because this vegan fare Brit-style pub closed down in June.

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13. Bar Volo // 587 Yonge St.

Beer lovers must be heart broken after the loss of Toronto's crafty beer joint. After 28 years of operation, Bar Volo has closed! But no need to frown a new location is set to open soon! In the meantime, you can check out their sister restaurant Birreria Volo in Little Italy.

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14. Coco Lezzone // 137 Avenue Rd.

After 22 years of lip-smacking martinis and delicious Italian food, Coco Lezzone has said goodbye to Toronto.

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15. Boil King // 333 King St W.

This seafood boil resto wasn't open for too long, but if you're looking for another spot to enjoy boiled crabbed legs.

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16. Let's Be Frank // 460 Spadina Ave. 

This popular eatery for decked out hot dogs and cheesey poutines closed its doors unexpectedly in November. 

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