The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the beers are flowing. Now, is definitely the time to start thinking about what you and bae should be doing during these hot summer months. 

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Whether you're coupled up, starting something new, or just dipping your toes into the pool of summer flings and tings - we've got a date for you and your boo to check out in Toronto this summer. 

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1. Watch a movie under the stars at Open Roof Fest 

If you don't think this is cute as sh*t, I'm judging you. Hard. Whether you take it into your own hands with a projector at Christie Pits, or hit up one of the many free movies at Yonge Dundas Square or Harbourfront. Open Roof Fest is a super fun night out for TIFF-worthy flicks and performances by local bands! 

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2. Pack a picnic at High Park! 

This is perfect for baes on a budget. Grab your own snacks and alcohol to any of Toronto's prettiest parks for a cheap, fun and chill time. Just make sure you have some sort of tumbler or cozy to hide your bottles! 

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3. Stroll through Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market

Kensington can do no wrong as a date spot. Sure, there are sometimes unsavoury characters out and about, but that can make for a spot of conversation! There's no short of things to do, eat, buy and see - especially on a Pedestrian Sunday. Pedestrian Sundays bring out all sorts of vendours selling quirky things for you and boo to sift through. Matching hemp bracelets, anyone?

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4. Have a day at the races at Woodbine Racetrack

Definitely a lot more memorable than dinner and movie, a day at the races is sure to be a date both of you remember. Bond over betting on the same horse or get competitive and make a side bet amongst yourself. Loser has to buy the next round of drinks. 

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5. Get your Tarzan on and zip-line at Treetop Trekking! 

Although it's a little out of the city, the drive is worth the adrenline rush - no doubt. Treetop Trekking has several GTA locations for you to choose from. 

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6. Set up camp in Rouge Park!

Just north of the Kingston TTC line, Rouge Park is one of the only places you can camp inside the city. Scope out your perfect spot and start pitching those tents.

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7. Sink or swim with Toronto Adventures

Although the Toronto Islands are incapacitated ATM, it doesn't you can't just row with it. The Humber River is still very paddle-able. Zip up some life vests and enjoy the kind of zen you can only find afloat. 

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8. Try a couple new restaurants with Summerlicious

Nothing like spooning eachother some tasty treats before you actually spoon. 

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9.Get tipsy together at Toronto Festival of Beer

Beer, bands, food and unique batches of brew. If you or your S/O loves beer, look no further for a fun date! 

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10. Go for a hike with dope #VIEWS at Don Valley Trails! 

It's a scientific fact that getting those endorphins going makes you happier, why not be at your happiest with bae by your side? The Don Valley trails should work just fine. 

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11. Hit up Sugar Beach for some fun in the sun

Soak up some sun or snap some pics together at some of the cutest beach spots T.O has to offer. 

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12. Spend a night on the water at Queen's Quay

Make some real waves with Boatel - a unique floating hotel docked at Queen's Quay. Spend the night on falling asleep - or in love - to the sound of the waves.

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13. Practice your aim game with BATL Axe 

While I wouldn't recommend BATL Axe if y'all are's definitely a fun spot to test your luck at target practice while giving eachother a few pointers.

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14. Up your cultural clout at Shakespeare in High Park 

Pack a little dinner and a lotta wine for this great pay-what-you-can annual event. This summer's plays are King Lear and Twelfth Night for all your literary loves. 

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15. Have a literal playdate at Pursuit OCR

What could be more fun than reliving some childhood mems with your (sort-of) grown up boo?

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15. Make bae-day Jays day! 

Because is it even summer if you don't go to a game together??

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16. Cuddle up on one of Toronto's hottest patios

The warm weather is only here for a limited time - enjoy your cuddles outside while you can. 

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