Truth be told, a guy that has a beard looks more manly (and you know it.) It's something about dating a guy with a full load of facial hair that makes him much more attractive. When the sexy beast in a man awakens and he's ready to get it on, the beard plays an important role in this transformation.

According to studies, facial hair has a powerful influence on a mans health, masculinity and parenting skills. Here's a list of 16 hot Toronto guys with beards who are confident and desirable and very attractive with their five 0'clock shadow:

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Lane Dorsey // @lanedorsey


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Chris Stojanovich // asavageway

Gabriel Montoya // g_j_montoya

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Colin Kopny // colinokopny

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Daniel Chaudhry // danielwchaudhry

via @spizoiky

Josh Mario John // @spizoiky

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Mario Munivrana // @dingospo1

Guillermo Leal // gl_uy


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Sergio Senatore // @sergiosenatore

Matt Vitale // @mattvitale_

Mike Pacheco // @mike__pacheco

via @paulmasonmodel

Paul Mason // paulmasonmodel

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