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Toronto. T.O. TDot. The 6. Whatever you may call it, if you're from here, you take some sort of pride in our magnificent city.

Whether it be the rad people, the delicious food, or the lively events, Toronto is just made up of pure greatness. Here's a list of things we're all actually really proud of.

Toronto is the 4th most livable city in the world

Out of the entire world, Toronto is ranked #4 in the top most livable cities, which is a pretty huge deal. It's also one of the safest, cleanest, and greenest cities in the world. You go, T.O.


Building up on more T.O. facts – Toronto is one of the world's most multicultural cities. The mix of all the different cultures means we all get to celebrate all kinds of ethnic events, including Taste of Danforth.

All the different neighbourhoods

From the west to the east end, you'll find all types of different neighbourhoods, from Kensington Market to the Distillery District to the Beaches. These neighbourhoods encompass all kinds of different people and different atmospheres, which creates even more diversity!

Big city, small world

Toronto alone has a population of almost 3 million people. If you're counting the GTA, that's almost 6 million people. That's an insane number of people. Even so, it's a small world in Toronto, and you'll often encounter people you know, whether it be that dude who had a crush on you in high school or that friend of a friend you stalked on Facebook a few years back. A small world makes everything more homey and familiar.

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Condos, condos, everywhere

Toronto is exploding with more and more condos, which just shows our city is rapidly booming. On one hand, it's great for people who want to live in the city, but on the other hand, the congestion and pedestrian traffic is just going to get much, much worse.

It's home to numerous post-secondary institutions

Including the University of Toronto, Ryerson, York, OCAD, and George Brown College – plenty of options for prospective students. The fact that students within the GTA can either commute from home or live on campus is extremely convenient. What other city has this many schools and this many options?

Prestigious events happen here

Pride Toronto, Caribana, and TIFF all happen in Toronto. Those are just a few to name. We get full access to all these prestigious events by foot or the TTC or even a short car ride. You don't even have to plan ahead – you could totally attend any of these events last minute.

All the amazing restaurants

Foooooood, a Torontonian's best friend. Whether you're feelin' butter chicken or dumplings or pizza or all of the above, you'll find dozens and dozens of various restaurants at the tips of your fingers. Thank you, Toronto!

The bangin' art scene

First of all, there's OCAD, home to all the arty kids. Second of all, there's all the museums and performing arts centres, including the AGO, ROM, and Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. And we can't forget major art events such as Nuit Blanche.

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Our rockin' music scene

Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, and NXNE all happen in downtown Toronto. There are always concerts happening in the city. Lollapalooza may come to Toronto this summer 2015, and Bonnaroo is confirmed to happen this summer. Toronto's music game is pretty damn strong.

Everyone is stylish

In a city as urban and hip as Toronto, every person rocks their own individual rockin' style. Whether it be a business suit or casual attire, everyone looks and dresses cool.

A portion of our our busiest highway is designated as the Highway of Heroes

The 401 is the busiest highway in North America. The area between Keele Street and Glen Miller Road is also known as the Highway of Heroes. Funeral convoys for fallen Canadian Forces personnel travel on the Highway of Heroes from the Canadian Forces base in Trenton to the coroner's office in Toronto, and it's something we all honour and feel proud of.

Pride for Toronto sports teams

Toronto sports fans have an undying support for our home teams, particularly the Leafs. It's true love.

Toronto landmarks

Casa Loma – a castle in the city?! Distillery District – almost two centuries old?! We have some stellar landmarks within the city, and we're damn proud of them.

Photo cred – Christine Wagner

The CN Tower

Did you think we forgot the CN Tower? It's one of the tallest buildings in world, and it's also what distinguishes our skyline. Just browse through the #Toronto hashtag on Instagram and catch all the shameless CN Tower shots. We're all proud of it.

TTC improvements

Although many people still have a love-hate relationship with the TTC, things are *slowly* looking up. I mean, remember the old subway cars? The new ones have definitely saved lives (but not really). The new Spadina streetcars were unveiled to passengers in late 2014, and 204 new streetcars are expected to replace all the old streetcars by 2019.

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