Oh young love... It's so innocent and sweet, but we also make some interesting decisions when it comes to being "love struck."

It seems so real and you day dream about your prince charming who's sitting in front of you in math class. You doodle in your notebook and imagine how perfect the two of you would be together if he just gave you a chance to talk. James Thomson and Alison Thompson happily ever after.

To have a nice laugh and remember the good times, take a look at this list that will most definitely remind you of your teenage crush:

1. You wrote poems about how perfect of a couple you could be.

They were supeeeerrrr cheesy... Like really cheesy.

I love you so much, when you look at me

My heart skips a beat. 

2. Your friends tried to get the D.L without making it obvious.

The golden rule was to find out if your crush is into you, without them knowing you're into them. But most of the time, your friends ended up spilling the beans.

3. If your crush was a celebrity...

Posters of them were all over your walls... You may have kissed them.

4. You would write your first name, following their last name.

Melanie Jones... Will be Melanie Smith.

5. And your notebooks were covered in hearts with your crushes initials.

A+P = <3 forever & ever & ever.

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6. You didn't sign off on your Valentine's day cards.

They were always anonymous... So your friends wrote "Happy Valentine's Day" not to blow your cover.

7. You went through way too many diaries.

You were so certain how the love was real... There are pages and pages written with a bunch of lovey dovey notes. If you still have them now, you laugh so hard reading them, you can barely breathe.

8. You were always excited for semi or the school dance.

It was the perfect opportunity for you to confess your love... But you pussied out every single time.

9. You had a song that was constantly on repeat.

That song summed up your feelings, so you listened to it 24/7 and it was quite depressing.

Ohhhh we belong together. 

10. MASH determined everything.

If he's your future husband, where you'll live, how many kids you'll have etc...

11. You played the she/he loves me, loves me not game all the time...

And were so devastated when the flower turned you down.

12. You played dumb.

You would ask for help with homework or make up any sort of excuse just to get their attention for a split second.

Photo cred - Keyword 

13. You forwarded these stupid chain messages.

 You wanted your wish to come true... And you didn't want bad luck for 10 years.

14. 11:11

You always made a wish, the same wish. 

15. MSN was your way of communicating feelings.

Updating statuses, signing in and out, just to be 100% sure they know you're online. 

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16. And now you realize it wasn't really love... It was just an obsession.

Young love... How cute. 

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