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Let's be honest, Toronto is the fashion capital of Canada. You cannot live in Toronto and not embody some sort of personal style, no matter how eclectic or different it may be. Fashion in this city is far from a female only area of interest and expertise, we have some of the best-dressed men roaming our streets and they often have an opinion about fashion too.

While a vast majority of us may show a strong interest in fashion, we are not all experts and some of us may be looking for a little inspiration. Never fear, we're here to help. We've put together a list of some Toronto based fashion, style and street style bloggers you should already be following.

Backseat Stylers

The Backseat stylers have got the inside scoop for Torontonians when it comes to fashion, including recent happenings on the city's fashion scene. They also feature a really cool street style section that is always frequently updated. The website is owned and operated by the Ng sisters, constantly working to bring us the best information and inspiration in the fashion sphere. All you need to do is hit the refresh button and there is a new outfit for you to drool over.

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Julio Reyes

Reyes' website is Fashionights which provides daily updates on local and international fashion news as well as commentary on some of his favourite looks. The operator of this site, Julio Reyes is the cool fashion kid we always wanted to be friends with but never had the balls to talk too because he was too fabulously dressed for us. He has over 9 years experience in the Toronto fashion scene and knows all about what are the key trends which make him pretty influential in the canadian fashion market.

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Kendall Donaldson

Kendall is the cutest freakin' Canadian export ever. Her website consists primarily of photos of her in her outfits, mostly composed of her greatest grandmother's vintage mixed with modern pieces. Kendall took her blog from a hobby to a hard wired success amongst the Toronto fashion world. You may have seen her in the front row at World Mastercard Fashion Week, Hi Hataaaaz!

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Daniella Etienne

Daniella Etienne operates the website The Broken Heel Diaries and is actively on social media. Based in Toronto, Daniella's blog focuses on more eclectic ensembles while also providing us with updates on her luxurious trips across the world, music she's digging and beauty regiments. Check out her 'The Woman of the Week' series that looks into the fashion lives of successful and highprofile women.

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Catriona Smart

Catriona runs Coco & Cowe, home to how-to videos, travel tips, beauty products and coloured commentary on her favourite styles on the trend scene these days. Her style is girly and flirty which we love, not to mention she even uploads food blogs and we all love food. We adore her 'daily dose' of inspiration every day.

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Jay Strut

Jay Strut is our spirit animal. Sometimes he blogs about the hard hitting stuff such as why he dyed his hair blonde on such short notice or the casual stuff like this chat with Donatella Versace- YEAH FRICKIN' DONATELLA. There is nothing happening in fashion across the world that Jay does not know about or have a comment on. His blog functions a lot like a diary so he kind of sort of feels like our best friend.

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Valerie Starchurski

Valerie's blog I'm Charming you combines fashion and style blogging with fitness and lifestyle trends. She wants to make sure you know exactly what to wear no matter when or where you are headed. Valerie is witty, charismatic and charming, just as her site suggests. She has reviewed everything from pizzaburgers to books from accross the city. Fun flirty girl guide to Toronto.

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Jessy Dust

Jessy has her boyfriend take photos of her outfits on his digital camera so she can upload them and share them with us for inspriation. She's essentially a sweet Toronto fashion lover who is open to answering any and all questions we may have about style. She started the blog in 2010 but only recently started sharing her outfits with us. She's also weaved in posts about food, vacations, and inspirations and is a great resource for where you may be able to score some killer deals.

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Toronto Verve

Toronto street style is locked down on Toronto Verve's website. If you're more interested in what is being spotted on regular people across the city than this is a great blog for you to check out! There's a bunch to know about this site except that they catch people on the street wearing something that catches their eye and grab a quote from them about their personal style. It's always a fun find.

Spiro Mandylor

Spiro's website, It's All Style to Me is for all the men in the city who want to know what is going on in the fashion world. We're pretty sure he has a sixth sense that allows him to predict future trends long before they are on anyone else's radar. He covers all the best runway looks on a daily basis and his blog is beloved by many daily visitors. He may be the single most reason Toronto has such insanely well-dressed men.

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Anita Clark

Anita's blog,  I want- I got is kind of difficult not to love, she is quick witted, quirky and sassy all at the same time and we love that. Our favourite part of this blog is her segment 'ask a geek,' where she answers readers questions, no matter how strange or outlandish about fashion. Her answers never lack in detail and helpful information including prices and links to purchase. She also provides updates about events and parties she gets to attend.

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Exactly as the title suggest, this blog is another great source to satisfy all your Toronto Street Style infatuations. What we love the most is that the website stresses the importance and impact of confidence and style together. Each Torontonian has a different style going on and confidence always compliments an outfit when strutting your stuff down the busy streets. This site definitely showcases that.

Toronto Is Fashion

This blog is the hub of all things fashion in and around Toronto. There are tons of posts about fashion news and style inspiration. It is constantly being updated so it is definitely the place to head for anything and everything. It combines all the things we want into one: news, trendy updates and fashion trends.

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Urbane Bloc is a source for the freshest fashions off the bloc (so punny :)) They offer up reviews of products in addition to fashion updates, lifestyle blogging and beauty regiments. We also love their DIY's section and their commentary on stories happening around the world with regards to fashion.


KristaniA operates her own fashion blog, monochromatic, but even cooler is the fact that she blogs her daily outfits for the website chictopia. She has a fun, flirty and very girly style that always features really great colours, patterns and statement pieces. You can guarantee yourself a great outfit inspiration for any occasion from her collection of outfits.

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Natalie Ast

Nataliastyle is Natalie's website that she started in 2009, She has always had a flare for fashion and attended Ryerson Journalism school in hopes of pursuing a career in fashion journalism. She insists on highlighting what our glorious city has to offer which transfers into posts on anything from NXNE to TIFF. Toronto has a ton of different fashion influences and Natalie shows that off perfectly.

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