Burlington is chalked full of mouthwatering restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a delicious boozy brunch, or a craving-crushing dinner, you’re bound to find something that will curb your appetite.  Although, with so many options sometimes making a decision can be tough.

We have compiled a list of 17 amazing restaurants to help you narrow down your choices. Each of these places is seriously amazing and is sure to impress any out of town foodie, or local looking to try something new!

Make it your personal mission to visit all 17 of these spots, you definitely won’t regret it!

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1. Son of a Peach // 2049 Pine Street, #62.

Son of a peach is a super adorable pizza place that is sure to impress any foodie.  Be sure to start your meal with their mouthwatering calamari, it's seriously some of the best in Burlington.

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2. Boon Burger // 399 Elizabeth St #6

Boon Burger is an awesome vegan option for those of you craving the idea of a burger.  They have so many different options, that are completely customizable so you're sure to find something you'll love.

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3. Pepperwoods // 1455 Lakeshore Rd.

Pepperwoods is a beautiful little water side bistro that serves up amazing food.  They also have an extensive wine list, so don't be afraif to treat yourself!

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4. August 8 // 834 Brant St.

August 8 is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a filling meal.  They're all you can eat lunches are a serious game changer and will 100% satisfy your maki cravings.

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5. Easterbrooks // 694 Spring Gardens Rd.

Easterbrooks is a Canadian Original.   This place is the second oldest hot dog stand in the entire country, and it has continued to serve up amazing hot dogs since it all started.

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6. Blossom City // 403 Brant St.

Blossom city has my favorite pad thai in all of Burlington.  They are also located right downtown, so an after dinner walk is a great option to work to work off your general chicken!

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7. JCs bagels //  3011 New St.

JC's bagels are my ultimate hangover food.  My personal favourite is a smoked salmon bagel with dill cream cheese, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

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8. Spencers at the Waterfront // 1340 Lakeshore Rd.

Spencers is a beautiful restaurant that is right on the water, and over looks Spencer Smith Park.  This is a really awesome place to take a date, especially if you're looking to impress them!

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9. Lettuce Love Cafe //

This is another option for all my vegan pals out there!  Lettuce Love has so many awesome and healthy options for those of you looking for a quick and relatively affordable bite.  I'm a big fan of their rice bowls, and their adorable patio!

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10. Sakai

Sakai is a really awesome authentic Korean and Japanese spot in Burlington.  Their lemon chicken is a serious game changer, and a must have menu item.

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11. SB Prime

SB Prime is the perfect place for all meat lovers.  They are known for their tender cuts of meat that they serve up on the regular.  Their ingredients are always fresh, and each dish is packed with flavour.

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12. Papa Giuseppe's

Papa Giuseppe's is somewhat new to Burlington, but has quickly become a favourite among locals. They provide a laid back and cozy atmosphere which makes for a perfect dining experience!

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13. Burro

Burro serves up amazing tacos, and equally as delicious cocktails!  This is a great spot for a casual bite and (a couple) drinks with friends.  Be sure to add this to your restaurant bucket list.

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14. Curdz

Curdz is the perfect place for post-bar munchies.  If you've spent your evening at emmas and need some serious comfort food, head to Curdz for a super filling poutine, you won't regret it!

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15. Lugano Pizza

If you're a local, you know that this is easily the best place for a cheap bite.  Lugano's has the most amazing pizza sauce, so don't be surprised if you start craving it all the time after one visit.

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16. Maracaz Cantinerie

Yep, another taco place! This spot is super delicious, and offers constant amazing deals.  Right now they are offering free late night tacos with the purchase of a drink, check their facebook page for more details!

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17. Water Street Cooker

Water Street Cooker is a really nice spot if you're looking for a relaxed, yet refined dining experience.  They also offer a really awesome brunch buffet if you're looking to treat your special someone to a morning mimosa!

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