The weekend is finally here, which means you deserve a drink!  After a long week there is no better way to unwind than with an awesome cocktail, especially when its unique to your city.

It's no secret that Toronto if filled with incredible bars and restaurants, and with that comes some pretty delicious cocktails. We have listed 17 mouthwatering cocktails below that need to be added to your bucket list ASAP.

Cheers Toronto, and happy Friday! 

via @missthingsbar

Electric Banana // Miss Things

via @barcheftoronto

Spring Thaw // Barchef

via @thelockhartbar

Better Beer // The Lockheart

via @_singleandstarving

Bulldogs // Queen St. Warehouse

via @pkdobro

Pollard Punch // Bar Raval

via @praytellbar

Corpse Reviver II // Prey Tell 

via @foodsofi

Caesar // Oyster Boy

via @hermajestyspleasure

Heatwave // Her Majesty's Pleasure

via @princesslehmann

The Gin & Regret // The Walton

via @thecraftbrasserie

Caesar // The Craft

via @vanebrieva

Bucket Drinks // The Porch

via @daniellexscarmato

Volcano Bowl // Shameful Tiki

via @fringstoronto

Aubrey Palmer // Frings

via @thehotb

Bourbon Sour Slushie // Home of the Brave

via @thelockhartbar

Northern Harvest Rye Marshmallow Irish Coffee // The Lockheart

via @sebcentner

Champagne Popsicle // The One Eighty

via @barcheftoronto

Smoked Manhatten // Barchef

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