Not every man is capable of rocking long hair, but those who can, are smoking hot. More specifically we're talking about manbuns, yes guys with manbuns. There's just something so freaking sexy about a guy who can pull off this look. Whether it's a top knot, a full bun or low man bun (yes there's a difference between these three.)

Manbuns are taking over our city, they're everywhere. We love them, we appreciate them and enjoy seeing these beautiful men with gorgeous locks. Here's a list of 17 hot Toronto guys that can tie their hair in a messy knot and make us want them even more:

via @barrett_john_lucak

Barrett Lucak

via @jackgreystone

Jack Greystone

via @joshmcaree

Josh Mcaree

via @ryancmcleod

Ryan Mcleod

Josh Dasilva

via @laleunefitness

Joe LaLeune

via @danielwchaudhry

Daniel Chaudhry

via @sergiosenatore1

Sergio Senatore

via @instadowntown

David Thompson

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Lane Dorsey

via @chezeus


via @spizoiky

Josh Mario John

Niels Dekker

via @ryanaemond

Ryan Emond

via @haydnfrank

Haydn Frank

via @sambrogram

Sam Lynch

via @undefined

Jayden Bono

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