Every 20-something has life goals, but in Toronto, everyone's list of goals is pretty similar. Go after that upgrade, boo. You deserve it.

1. Live above your favourite Queen/Ossington bar or restaurant.

Who cares if the building has mice when you’ve got EXPOSED BRICK, Y’ALL.

2. …Then upgrade to the hotel condo life at the Thompson or Trump

Thinking you’ll actually use the pool for more than 2 days a year.

Photo cred - Scott McCabe

3. …Before settling down in a character home in the Annex or Rosedale.

Bride Path is totally chill and all, but a true Torontonian prefers to stay downtown.

4. Earn enough money to escape our brutal winters with a tropical vacation...

...And have a nice tan in January while everyone else looks like they were rolled in cocaine. Bonus!

5. Earn enough money to never have to take the TTC again...

...Or if you’re more of a realist, earning enough money to buy a metropass without going hungry would be pretty fucking sweet.

6. Get married at Casa Loma

Preferably to Channing Tatum as seen in The Vow, but Prince Harry will also do.

7. Sit court-side with Drake at a Raptor’s game...

...And try to get him to calm the fuck down.

Photo cred - Tami Falus

8. Work up the courage to skydive over the city...

...Or at least do the Edge Walk without pissing yourself.

9. Rescue a furry best friend from the Toronto Humane Society...

...You and your three-­legged dog named Trip (appropriately) will live happily ever after.

10. Join the Yorkville Fitness Club...

...Just to stare at all the beautiful people namastae’ing or whatever.

11. Love being at your work office more than you love being at home.

Finally you’re not the coffee bitch for once! Congrats!

12. Remember that invention you thought of years ago while zoning out on a bad date? Finally work at it and pitch it on Dragon’s Den.

"OMG why didn't I fucking think of that..." - Everyone

Photo cred - Aj Parker

13. Own a ridiculous cottage in Muskoka.

All without the help of Lotto649.

14. Eat at Canoe as often as you please.

Without even bothering to look at the bill.

15. Get some free swag at a Marilyn Denis Show taping

So you won’t be getting a car, but it’s the closest thing Torontonians have to being at Oprah’s Favourite Things episode, which is tragically no longer a possibility.

16. Get groceries from beautiful places like Whole Foods

No Frills, Food Basics, it’s been REAL, but I’m off to bigger better things such as perfectly stocked and organized veggies. Hope you can understand.

17. Run for office?

On second thought…

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