It's super easy to go broke in Toronto because basic expenses aren't cheap. Forget about real estate prices, I'm talking about food, beverages, beauty supplies, appliances, furniture and of course those pricey nights out you regret the next morning.

To help you save some $$$ and learn from your mistakes, here's a list of 17 money mistakes you are making in Toronto and how to prevent them:

1. Avoid shopping at grocery stores.

Get produce at Kensington Market, it's cheaper and better.

2. Avoid going to chain restaurants.

If you're going for a burger and fries, a sandwich or cheap delicious eats, check out Queen St.Warehouse - everything is $4.95 on their menu! Did I forget to mention they have tacos?

3. Don't take taxis DT.

Because you know they charge twice the price of an Uber. 

4. If you go to the movies multiple times a month...

Save money and go on Tuesdays for half price tickets at Cineplex theatres.

5. Don't pay for a Yoga Membership/class.

Because Lululemon and The Toronto Public Library hosts free yoga classes almost everyday. Check out Share The Love for more details.

6. When you're going out to bars /nightclubs...

Get to know the night life scene because several places like Early Mercy, Bar 244, Woody's, The Addison's Residence and many more don't charge cover.

7. Ditch the LCBO if...

You're getting Canadian wine. It's cheaper at The Wine Rack and it's open until 11 pm.

8. Not getting a Toronto Library card is a big mistake.

Because many businesses offer free entry if you have one. For example places like the Ontario Science Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Toronto Zoo.

9. And not getting an SPC card.

Why wouldn't you? It gets you awesome discounts with over 120 retailers.

10. Figure out what your student card scores you.

Places like Top Shop, Roots, J.Crew, Club Monaco and Banana Republic are only some of the many. 

11. Avoid Starbucks, go to Timmies

But for a true coffee shop experience, go to Ella's Uncle for fresh brewed coffee that is sold for an affordable price.

12. Don't sell your books to your school.

You won't get your moneys worth; check out SwapMyBooks instead.

13. You're drinking at the wrong places.

Check out Drink Owl for daily specials at every venue - this website shows where to get the cheapest drinks for every day of the week. 

14. Stop spending money on bottled water.

Take advantage of The Quench app. It will guide you to the nearest water bottle refill location all around the GTA.

15. Don't rent a hotel for a night.

Instead score a deal by getting a place with VRBO or Airbnb

16. Cut half of your spendings at Sephora.

 I understand, it's hard to not shop at Sephora but you can get the basic stuff at Cosmetic World. This beauty store has a huge selection of premium cosmetics and has been voted by Flare Magazine as one of Canada's best kept beauty secrets.

17. Forget about expensive home appliance stores!

Check out Tap Phong on Spadina. You can get anything neccessary for your home here, from kitchen appliances to furniture, decorations and accessories for a really affordable price!

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