When it comes to Toronto neighbourhoods, I honestly believe that it doesn't get better than the Annex. Having lived further west and in the east end, I've experienced Toronto life from several locations, and I can tell you now that nowhere is as lively as the Annex. The neighbourhood is packed with amazing restaurants, cultural institutions, cozy cafes, and so much more.

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From its central location to its leafy parks, I really can't say enough good things about the neighbourhood. There's a sense of camaraderie among its inhabitants that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the city. Here are 17 signs that you're from the Annex.

1. You're either a U of T student or you're surrounded by them.

2. Your route home involves avoiding the frat houses at. all. costs. (Especially during frosh week)

3. Your workouts take place exclusively at the  JCC (even if you're not Jewish).

4. You never pay full price for books thanks to BMV.

5. Thanks to Sushi on Bloor, Wow Sushi, and New Generation, sushi has pretty much become it's own food group.

6. Ditto to the falafel of Ghazale, Fat Pasha, and even Pita-Q.

7. You have some pretty diverse neighbours, including the Chinese Consulate, Christian Science Church, and a giant elephant (if you know, you know).

8. You never feel the need to leave because you have everything you could possible want or need on that one strip of Bloor.

9. But if you do need to get somewhere, the Annex is so central and easily accessible by TTC that it feels like you're close to everything in Toronto (everything important, that is).

10. The 24-hour Metro has been a lifesaver when all you want are some 3AM pizza pockets.

11. You're still furious that Honest Ed's is no more.

12. You know it's not cool anymore but you still love the Maddy, if only out of its pure convenience.

13. You still end up at Green Room every weekend because it's just so freaking cheap.

14. Dance Cave has been the scene of some very messy nights.

15. If you're from Montreal, you know you can always run into fellow ex-pats at the Habs friendly Kilgour's Bar.

16. You tell everyone that Rachel McAdams is your neighbour, even though you're not sure exactly where in the Annex she lives.

17. You're okay with paying more for rent and living in a shoebox because you know there's actually nowhere you'd rather be.

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