Burlington is easily one of the most basic cities in the GTA, but that's why we love it.

Coming back from school and visiting home is always something to look forward to, especially when it consists of constantly running into old friends at Joe Dogs and spending ample time outside at the waterfront or escarpment.  If you're from Burlington you're bound to relate to at least some of these!

1.You've been tagged in at least one greasy Island picture.

You planned on going to Emma’s or Joe’s but you were too drunk to get in, and ended up at Island. Unfortunately you loosing your dignity was captured in a photo and plastered all over their Facebook page.

2. You have gone to a house party in an unfinished basement...

.... And it exceeded all your expectations.  Who knew concrete and insulation would be a better venue than most over priced bars?

3. Kelly’s bakeshop is a staple in your life.

Or an addiction, however you want to phrase it. This place is your go-to for all your gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan treats that don't taste like cardboard!

4. You have racked up insane service charges at the Scotia Bank downtown at 1 AM.

But you can justify it.  You had an hour till last call and you needed 2 more shots and a poutine from Curdz.

5. You’ve worked at one of these grocery stores, and completely hated it.

Whether it was Metro, Fortinos, Longos, No-Frills, or Sobeys you worked there at some point, and you have never been rude to anyone that works in the service industry since.

6. You have spent your entire pay cheque within 2 hours at Mapleview Mall.

This has happened to you more times than you would like to admit.  Lets be real, Zara was a true game changer for all of our bank accounts.

7. Jackson’s Landing rooftop patio is at the top of your summer bucket.

Sangria Saturdays are a must, and now we have a cute place to Insta it! Not to mention a new hangover brunch spot.

8. The Splash Pad at Sound of Music was always LIT.

Who actually actually headlined, because I have no clue. Was it the Arkells? I feel like its always the Arkells?

9. You’ve been kicked out of Joe Dogs for “no reason”.

Just because I couldn't find two pieces of ID and yelled "YAS  QUEEN" when I heard it was free cover before 11 doesn't mean I was too drunk, right?

10. You still rep your high school hoodie even though you graduated over 3 years ago.

You have way too much pride to ever throw it away, you earned that hoodie. #NELSONLORDS

11. You get extremely offended when you’re associated with Hamilton.

Yeah its close, but like so is Oakville. 

12.  You remember how many times the pier was attempted...

...And now that its here you know it’s completely overrated.  Why did we spend 14.4 million on a glorified dock?

13.  Every time you go out to eat with your family, one of your friends is your hostess.

If they are a good friend they will hook you up with free sweet potato fries, and if they are a really good friend they will add chipotle sauce too.

14. You feel personally attacked that Eatalia is closed.

RIP to 4 dollar mix drinks and the comfiest patio furniture ever.

15.  You know that Burlington Mall is the biggest embarrassment ever.

All the old people walking laps makes up for the lack of shoppers!  Thank god for Mapleview.

16. Hiking the escarpment is a must, especially in the fall.

Once the leaves start to change colour, hiking the escarpment is a cheap, beautiful and underrated activity.  Not to mention its a decent workout.

17.Your house either backs on to the golf course, you work at the golf course, or you pretend to love golf.

I swear to god the amount of times a golf ball has broke my window or landed in my pool is ridiculous.

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