If you go to school in the Waterloo region, you'd know that the areas east and west of Albert St are basically two separate worlds. The east end is essentially UWaterloo territory, while the west end is Laurier territory. The two schools are known to be rather different from each other - Laurier is generally seen as the more "fun" school, while UW is generally seen as the more "serious" school.

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But that's precisely what makes living in Waterloo so interesting. In this article, a few of our friends at Laurier describe what it's like to go to school there; and they're all things that every Golden Hawk can definitely relate to.

Here are 17 things every Laurier student knows all too well.

1. Spending more time at Phil's than in an actual classroom.

The standard Laurier experience is as follows: "Go to Phil's for 4 years, leave with degree."

2. Constantly being compared to UW students.

And always being the underestimated ones.

3. Becoming addicted to Seagram wraps at Wilf's.

It's unavoidable.

4. Stepping on the Hawk in the atrium was the worst thing you could ever do.

The remorse will linger.

5. There's BBA students... and everyone else.


6. Accepting that there will always be a huge gap in your memory every St. Pat's Day.

Ezra St can do that to people.

7. Cheeses Murphy is a sacred Waterloo secret.

...At least, before I mentioned it.

8. Not doing the Bunny Hop or 12 Barz at least once is unacceptable as a Golden Hawk.

It's basically tradition at this point.

9. Summers spent in Waterloo weren't so bad for business students because of MLSB.

Batter up!

10. Finding the walk from Bricker to Peters too long...

...Even though Laurier's campus is literally the smallest.

11. The love/hate relationship with LORIS and MyLearningSpace.

But it's more a hate thing.

12. The GRT, City Cabs and the Wilf statue are your unofficial best friends.

It just wouldn't be the same without them.

13. Wasting more time waiting to get into Brixton on Thursdays than actually partying in it.

Winters are especially brutal.

14. Checking Spotted @ Laurier just in case you might have actually been spotted.

And wondering when it will ever be your turn.

15. Sober pizzas at Bianca's, drunk 2 AM pizzas at Pizza Maniac.


16. Not being sure why you pay for residence because you spend all your time at 24 Lounge anyway.

Most of you basically live there.

17. Having arguably the nicest gym in the region but it's always full.

"I'll go tomorrow," you said yesterday.

Thank you to all fellow Laurier students who contributed their thoughts for this article!

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