Aurora, Ontario is a small town located in the GTA, just north of Richmond Hill. 

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The population of Aurora is approximately 55, 445 and there's a good chance that if you've found yourself on this article you are or once were a part of that population. Every town and city has some unique experience that only those who truly lived there would understand and Aurora is no different. Here are 17 things you'll only understand if you grew up in Aurora: 

1. You've gotten drunk at 'the tit'. 

2. You've been to the street sale on Wellington at least once. 

3. You've been to an event night at Awe Shucks and totally don't remember it. 

4. If you ever went for a 'special' dinner, it was probably at Joia.  

5.  You went on a group date to Cineplex and then finished the night off at Wendy's. 

6. You've been to a SAC dance. 

7. If you're a girl, you definitely played house league soccer. 

8. If you went to AHS there's a good chance you had a mini-rivalry with SAC. 

9. You've hung out at Hot Spot. 

10. You've definitely been to Rib Fest.

11. There's a good chance you ended up at Queens or Western.

12. You probably saw a fight go down at the church. 

13. You knew Huang Sushi by AHS had cockroaches but went anyways.

14.  You went to a bush party around Orchard Heights. 

15. You know how bad the light at Yonge and Wellington is

16. You took the Viva to get to the mall. 

17. You wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. :) 

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