Date night spots can lead the night in two directions; either you hit it off and end up with a magical night, or you're either under or over whelmed with the decision. So what does one do in Toronto to impress bae? With so many amazing things to do in the city it's hard to find the right spot.

For some couples their idea of a romantic night is a cute cafe, and for others the night has to be filled with Bachelorette level romantic gestures that leave you breathless (or slightly uncomfortable, either way). We can't all pull a Ryan Gosling and whip out canoe trip to a swan filled oasis, but with these spots in Toronto you and your significant other are in for an amazing date. Whether you want an experience or a delicious meal at an under the radar restaurant, we've got you covered for a unique and unforgettable experience.

1. Allan Conservatory Gardens  // 19 Horticultural Avenue

It's a romantic walk in the park taken to the next level. In the middle of downtown lies your fantasy oasis of beautiful plants to take your S.O. too. Even better, it's free admission and open 365 days a year.

2. Momofuku Milk Bar // 190 University

Part of the famous dynasty that is Momofuku  you'll find the Toronto location for one of the chicest places to grab some sweets. From their famous b'day truffles to their truly unique cookies (cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookie?!), there's enough to satisfy even the pickest couples. Try out their cereal milk soft serve for an adorable treat, and even cuter insta. They don't have seating, but luckily you're in the heart of university st, so there's a ton of shopping and parks nearby!

3. ROM Friday Night Live // 100 Queen's Park

Starting back up again this fall, you and your significant other will want to be at one of the cities most unexpected spots to party. Every friday night the ROM puts on a massive party right in the museum, each week it's a different theme complete with DJ. It's an unforgettable night that's a great alternative to having to shout over 50 other people in a crowded bar every friday night!

4. Snakes And Lattes // 600 Bloor St. West and 489 College St.

Why not switch up the standard americano date and add in some classic board games/friendly competition? It's a perfect way to show your other half your fun side, and they'll always be something to talk about.

5. The One Eighty // 55 Bloor St. West

Who knew love could be found on the 51st floor of the Manulife centre? With so many patios in Toronto claiming to have the best views, The One Eighty is really the one setting the bar with their amazing location. This restaurant will give you and your date breathtaking views to set the stage for a stunning evening.

6. Tommy Thompson Park / 1 Leslie St.

Located right on Lake Ontario this park is a great spot to take your significant other if you're feeling like taking in some nature, and unreal views. This park is right on the Leslie Street Spit, which was only built about 60 years ago and brings some nature right into the heart of downtown. Romantic walks on the beach have never been this good!

7. Solana Saltcave // 304 Lake Shore Rd East (Oakville)

Couples that destress together, stay together. How can you expect to fall in love when all you can think about is what if the TTC shuts down for your morning commute? Press pause on all that stress and let it go with your significant other in this a-typical spa experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, and ready for love (yes that sounded like a z-list romance novel but trust me, you'll feel like your in another world in this oasis).

8. Arctic Bites // 21 Baldwin St

Foodie couples will FLOCK towards this adorable recently opened ice cream shop. They specialize in Thai-inspired fried ice cream rolls that change up your go to mint chip into something truly unforgettable.

9. Toronto School Of Circus Arts // 75 Carl Hall Road

You know when you're on a date and have absolutely nothing to talk about? Ya, us too. That's why we're hitting up the Friday night drop in FLYING TRAPEZE class at the Toronto School of Circus Arts. What's a better bonding experience than fearlessly (or pretending to be fearlessly) flying through the air? For an unreal experience drop (or fly) by.

10. Treat Yourself Tuesday The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St. West

Every tuesday your favourite hip boutique hotel is offering half priced bottles of wine starting at 3 pm! With it's eclectic, fun, and chill vibe, it's a great place to bring your significant other to show them how ~hip~ you are.

11. Picnic At The Bluffs // Scarborough Bluffs

The Bluffs is the MVP of romantic picnics. With views that are on point with Drakes, we love heading here for a memorable meal overlooking the water. Grab your food, your picnic and your bae and you're set! Pssst, check out some more options for superb picnic spots!

12. Bobbette and Belle // 1121 Queen St. East and 3347 Yonge St.

It's like stepping into a cute cafe in France whenever you walk into Bobbette and Belle. And since the French are known for romance, this adorable spot is the ideal place to take any romantic date or decadent dessert lover alike. From brownies to picturesque macaroons you won't be disappointed. Bon appeteit!

13. Cold Tea  // 60 Kensington Ave.

Keep the cozy feel but ditch the posh, add in a little (okay, a lot) of party, and you have the unreal bar that is Cold Tea. Hidden in the depths of Kensington Market, getting here will be half the fun. The other half kicks in the second you walk in to this intimate party, leaving you and your date closer then ever.

14.  Toronto Heli Tours // Billy Bishop Airport

Why stick to one place when you can see them all! Take in the views of Toronto with your number one beside you, excuse while I tear up a little from the adorable image that is this date.

15. TIFF Bell LightBox  // 350 King St. West

The movie date, though admirable, is getting to be a last minute option. If you really want to make your love swoon, take them to the TIFF Bell Light Box. They have different films then the regular circuit, from in-depth documentaries to niche comedies. Located on King West, it's surrounded by bars that you can go for post or pre movie drinks: what could be better? Check out the movie listings here.

16. Oyster Boys //  872 Queen St. West

Even though the act of actually shucking an oyster may not scream "romance", the ideas of oysters to us always sounded like an adventurous date you won't forget. And if you're going to do oysters, you gotta do them right. Oyster Boys only pick the best of the best, getting their oysters from harvesters from coast to coast. That way you know you and your date will have a truly authentic experience!

17. BoaNassau Cabin // Toronto

So I guess taking your significant other on a yacht may count as just...oh I don't know....THE MOST GRAND ROMANTIC GESTURE EVER. And for only 87.50 a night it's a gesture that doesn't include the usual price tag. Imagine, you and your number one cruising through the six sans woes. Ah, I can almost hear the string quartet playing in the back. But seriously, this would be an unreal experience that you and your date would cherish. Check out these other options of yachts and boats to rent for even more options.

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