Torontonians have a lot to take pride in, but we definitely wouldn't admit to EVERY single thing we love about the city, especially if it kind of makes us an asshole. I'll be the first to admit that I definitely have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to life in the 6ix.

I have compiled a list of 18 guilty pleasures I have experienced during my time in the city, and hopefully you can relate to a couple of them!

After all, it's all about the little things in life.  

1. Secretly thinking it's hilarious when a tourist gets sucked into talking to the Believe Guy.

You poor, poor soul... 

2. Having a love-hate relationship with snow.

Everything looks so much cuter with a white blanket of snow, but your commute is also 10x longer than it should be.

3. Devouring street meat on King West after a night of clubbing.

I mean, you probably earned it.  

4. Cheering even louder at a Jay's game when you notice you're sitting beside the competitor's fans.

It's only polite to support your city, sorry! 

5. Singing along obnoxiously every time you hear Drake come on the radio.

Why is Hotline Bling STILL catchy?!  

6. You've worn denim on denim on more than one occasion

and you didn't hate it! 

7. You have photobombed more than one person's CN tower Snapchat.

This is what you get for stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, pal!

8. Actively wearing your Toronto Vs. Everybody T-shirt in other cities.

I don't really think there is too much competition... sorry, Oakville.

9. You can justify paying a little extra for a mediocre coffee all because it's from an independent cafe.

Always support the little guys! 

10. As cheesy as it is, you still get excited for the Distillery District Christmas Market every year.

Who can say no to the smell of Beaver Tails and fairy lights?! 

11. You claim that you're too much of a sophisticated foodie for the CNE...

....But you're always the first one to creep their newest crazy foods on social media.

12.  You're way too proud of your neighborhood, and you don't have a problem voicing that.

West end > East end. And by West end, I specifically mean the Junction!

13. 90% of the reason you went to Sweet Jesus was for the Instagram.

No judgment, me too. 

14. Even though the subway sucks, you love that it's so easy to navigate.

There are only a handful of options you can pick from, so the chances of you getting lost are pretty slim.

15. You take brunch and patio season WAY too seriously.

But you have completely come to terms with this. 

16. You get a weird rush when there is an empty seat near you on the TTC.

Especially when you're feeling daring and you put your feet up. WILD.

17. You check yourself out whenever you pass by the reflective pink building downtown.

And yes, everyone can see you doing so.

18. Showing up your GTA friends when they try and tell you about a new hip and trendy spot in Toronto.

Meanwhile, you've already been there 3 times and you're completely over it.

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