Odds are pretty good that if you clicked on this article you probably have a pretty big sweet tooth, and we really can't blame you.

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Whether you're looking to go all out for cheat day, or crush a few cravings, Toronto is the place to go! Our city is full of mouthwatering treats, no matter what type of dessert you're into.

Make it your mission to try a few of the options we listed below, your sweet tooth is sure to thank you!

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Chocolate Egg // La Banane

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Cookie Dough Scoops // Junked Food Co.

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Beavertails // BeaverTails Toronto Waterfront

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Churro Ice Cream Sandwich // Los Colibris

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Doughnut Cones // Eva's Original Chimney's

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Macarons // Pierre Herme 

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Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich // The Red Bench

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Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich // Uncle Betty's


Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle // Light Cafe 


D.R.E.A.M. Milkshake // Peace Treats

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Rose Mille Crepe Cake // Millie Patisserie & Creamery 

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Nutella Fries // Holy Chuck

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Unicorn Latte // CutiePie Cupcakes

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Matcha Swiss Roll // Matcha Tea & Dessert

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Ruffles Marshmellow Squares  // Bake Shoppe

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Green Tea Opera Cake // Miku

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Smores Pizza // Cacao 70

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Cookies and Milk Eclair // Nügateau

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