Winter is in full swing, and while many of us are opting for function over fashion, these guys are not surrendering to the cold weather.

So let us take some time to envy those of individuals who make winter fashion a breeze (yes pun totally intended):

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via @allyoucanchi

Chi Chen

via @bestfriendky

Ky Zaretsky


via @juniorsealy


via @croon3y

Cody Rooney

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Frankie VP

via @nillynoy


via @deloreanblack


via @braydensparks

Brayden Sparks

via @bobbyraffin

Bobby Raffin

via @schuyism

Schuyler Mota

via @undefined

Ashten Rikardo

via @eulbasa

Eul Basa

via @brandonsparkman

Brandon Sparkman

via @braythemodel

Braedan Skerrett


via @undefined

Alexander X Shabazz

via @bobbybowenn

Bobby Bowen

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