Amidst all the talk about bad Tinder dates and fuck boys and single life, there are some Torontonians that are spending their days skipping the gym, ordering Chinese food, and walking around in their underwear wondering what the hell you’re talking about.

If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you’re in a long-term relationship. But how do you know if you’ve found a keeper in Toronto?

1. The Toronto club scene has become less appealing than pizza and Netflix.

Your friends have a booth at Wildflower, but if you stay home, you don’t have to put on pants…

2. You eat a lot of brunch.

Whether it’s hangover brunch after a night of drinking or brunch before a day date, you and your significant other can provide extensive reviews on Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, School, and Aunties and Uncles... Just to name a few.

3. You've locked up your love in the Distillery District.

If not, you're thinking about doing it now.

4. You’ve gone on every classic Toronto date.

Jays game? Ripley’s Aquarium? The Art Gallery? Been there, done that (and took a lot of selfies in the process).

5. You can’t commiserate with your friends about horrible Toronto Tinder dates.

You can't imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend never coming back from the washroom at Hemingway's. People do that?!

Photo cred - Giphy

6. You get really defensive when someone looks at your boyfriend/girlfriend too long.

Why do you have to wear a bikini to Cabana? What about this turtleneck?

7. PDA.

In the park, on the streetcar, at the mall… When you actually have someone to make out with, public displays of affection don’t bother you so much.

8. Instagram has helped you avoid the “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” argument.

The Dirty Bird posts a picture of chicken and waffles and suddenly, you know what you’re having for dinner.

9. You’ve been the sloppy plus one at a party at Uniun/Musik/Cube.

You didn’t know anybody there so you sat in the booth and drank way too many vodka crans...

10. You take turns being "the responsible one" when you go out.

Somebody's got to keep you from getting kicked out of Uniun.

11. You’ve had deep talks while sitting on rocks by the lake.

Would you still love me if all my limbs fell off and you had to carry me around in a backpack?

12. You share all of your food.

Whether you’re happy about it or not, you’re only going to get to eat half of that bacon cheeseburger poutine from Smoke’s.

13. You’ve been dragged to a sporting event/concert/club that you have absolutely no interest in.

Shout out to all the boyfriends at the Lana Del Ray concert and the girlfriends at Blue Jays games.

14. You’ve had sex somewhere public (or tried to).

Whether you’ve got down in the parking lot at Cherry Beach or found a wooded area somewhere in High Park, you’ve attempted some form of public sex at least once.

15. You have a mutual favourite all-you-can-eat restaurant.

You have no shame scarfing down sushi at Spring in front of each other.

16. You call them to kill time on the TTC.

Even if most of your conversation is just you narrating what stop you're passing next.

17. You'd consider yourselves professional people watchers.

And you agree that Trinity Bellwoods is the best spot for it.

18. You can't imagine anyone you'd rather run through the 6 with.

Which has literally happened on numerous occasions because you can never decide what to do on date night.

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