Social media and technology has taken over our lives. No matter where you go or what you do, someone is always creeping Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Generation X, Y and Z have no other choice then to depend on social media for several reasons. If you're not proficient with it, you'll totally be out of the loop, making you feel like a complete outsider. In today's world everyone uses social media, but there are certain topics and platforms that each gender will show more interest in.

After completing some thorough research and creeping several social media accounts, here's a list of 14 things that girls will do differently than guys on social media:

1. Men are more likely to use social media for dating or business.

2. Women will share more content, communicate and resort to self-help via social media.

 Photo cred - Pew

3. The percentage of women keeping up with Facebook in a variety of categories is higher then men.

4. 56% of men like to use social media for quick info, coupons and deals.

5. While 71% of women are more interested in brands and fashion.

Photo cred - Neilsen

6. There is a vivid difference in types of advertisements both genders have an interest for.

7.  81% of women use texting as a form of communication vs 77% for men.

8. Only 19% of men will use their smartphone camera.

9. There are 51% male users on Instagram vs 49% female.

10. 70% of women will use Snapchat vs 30% men.

11. 42% of females use Pinterest.

12. 56% of males will follow accounts on Twitter vs 44% of females.

13. 53 % of female fans react to impressions on Facebook vs 47% of men.

14. 28% of male users will use Linked In vs 27% of women.

15. Guys will share and post more food posts then girls.

16. Women are more likely to delete photos of their ex S/O on social media.

17. Girls are huge fans of posting inspirational quotes.

18. Guys are most likely to provide feedback on live events and games.

Sources: Sprout Social, Marketing Tech Blog

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