Scarborough Town Centre is the heart and soul of the city. Hate it or love it, Scarborough just wouldn't be the same without this iconic mallratting destination.

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The entire place has been undergoing several renovations lately. It's looking more and more upscale everyday, with new additions like Michael Kors, Zara and Sweet Jesus gracing its floors. But no matter how much the mall changes, the people that go through it forever remain the same.

Here are 18 things you'll definitely see at Scarborough Town Centre:

A never-ending line up at Real Fruit bubble tea.

Without fail.

Everyone and their grandmas at Cineplex on half-off Tuesdays.

The most lit day of the week.

A horde of Catholic high school students mall ratting.

In full McCarthy's uniform and with their GoodLife duffle bags.

The same group of elderly people in the food court every morning.

Sometimes before the mall even opens.

A pow wow by the TD Bank entrance.

Most likely workers taking a smoke break and gossiping about their day.

Barely anybody at the Sears side of the mall.

Because Sears.

At least one security guard enjoying an ice cream.

From Baskin Robbins.

Craziness at the TTC booth during the last day of the month.

People will claw at you to get a metro pass.

A group of people doing weird body movements in the foyer at 7:30 AM.

It's actually Tai Chi! Free sessions are offered from Monday to Saturday.

Christmas decorations being put up 3 months before the season.

Santa always comes early at the STC.

People from "buy-sell-trade" groups on Facebook making exchanges.

Usually just outside the bus station.

Drivers competing for the parking spots closest to the TD entrance.

It's arguably the best place to park.

Whipped boyfriends following their girlfriends around in Sirens.

Waiting patiently for them to finish in the change room already.

No one shopping inside Jean Machine, ever.

How is that store still alive?

Almost everyone making at least one visit to Zara.

Possibly the best thing to ever happen to this mall.

People taking obligatory photos of their Sweet Jesus cones.

It's new in town and you just have to.

Residents of the condos by the mall coming in wearing sweats and flip flops.

Aren't they lucky.

The workers at OROGOLD forever trying to lure people in with free samples.

But everybody just continues to walk by and ignore them...

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