Toronto is great, because there's such a diverse amount of people from different cultures. That's what makes the city unique, interesting, and full of life and colour.

For those of you hailing from the Middle East, there are so many struggles, realities, and truths of growing up with that culture in the city that we all know to be very real in our day to day lives.

It's fun to be different, and it's definitely cool to admit that a lot of us Middle Easterners are guilty of everything listed below:

1. Knowing that Arz in Scarborough is better than any Sobeys, Metro, or Loblaws

2. But trying to decide if Adonis is better

3. Getting excited when you saw Habibiz Cafe being featured in Drake's Started From The Bottom video

4. Hiding from the cold Toronto weather to watch FouseyTube

5. Eating shawarma and falafel at Dr. Laffa all day, everyday

6. Screaming when Karl Wolf appeared at the MMVA's

7. Wishing that Toronto's population consisted of more than 3.1% of Arabs

8. Bragging about how good Ali Baba's is to your friends

9. Avoiding mainstream shawarma places like Pita Nutso

10. Always being able to tell when there's a Middle Easterner on the TTC, because they're loud

11. Being relieved that Mississauga resident Olga Kaddoura came up with Arabic lyrics to Oh Canada

12.Going to Maha's for arabic coffee

 13. Getting excited that more and more Paramounts are opening in the GTA

14. ....but knowing Paramount on Yonge will always be home

15. Wondering why there's no Little Arabia, but there's a Chinatown and Little Italy

16. Jumping for joy when you find Palestinian olive oil at Ten Thousand Villages

17. Seeing family members all over the GTA in public because there are so many of you

18. Knowing your ancestors have been doing shisha long before everyone at Cabana Pool Bar

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