Impressing a Toronto woman can be tough. We're picky yet indecisive, we like fancy dinners but try to act like we're low key, we're social butterflies yet love some quality alone time - honestly boys, it's a minefield, but hopefully this will help you navigate it.

You don't have to look like Ryan Gosling, drive an expensive car or be a smooth talker to sweep a Toronto woman off her feet. The truth is, you really don't have to do much to impress her - just be your authentic self. However, if you really want to make your girl feel special, read on for a few of my suggestions. These tips won't guarantee she'll fall in love with you, but they're sure to make her smile which is a good start!

1. Make her laugh.

The best relationships start with a joke.

2. Treat her to brunch at Gusto 101.

Toronto girls love their brunch.

3. Set up a date night at Paintlounge.

Show her your creative side.

4. Don't tell her she looks good - tell her she looks beautiful.

Good = average = bad.

5. Take her to a Jays game this season.

Peanuts and cracker jacks - works every time.

6. Open the car door for her.


7. Always offer to pay the bill.

And even when she wants to split it, you never go more than 60/40.

8. Take her out for sandwiches at Porchetta & Co.

Pulled pork is up there with brunches.

9. Wash down the sandwiches with a beer from one of these places.

Craft beer is the new poppin bottles.

10. Take her to the Pop Art Exhibit at the AGO.

Be cool like Warhol.

11. Treat her to lunch in Kensington Market.

Because it's the cutest date scene.

12. Surprise her with flowers.

Just because you were thinking about her.

13. Spend an afternoon at the ROM with her.

Everyone loves a day exploring the ROM.

14. Take her to a performance by The National Ballet of Canada.

You may not want to, but she'll appreciate you for it.

15. Treat her to a film at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Surprise her with plans you made.

16. Spend a Saturday with her at St. Lawrence Market.

Just hanging out, eating fresh produce, being cute.

17. Agree to take adorable Instagram photos with her.

The way to her heart.

18. Share your Roselle ice cream with her.

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