Gen Y, the yuppies, people addicted to our phones; we've heard it all. Though there are many names for millenials now, we prefer one- bad ass. Whether it's millenials who are creating multi-million dollar start up companies, or ones that are changing the world with their poetry (shout out to Rupi Kaur, four for your Rupi you go) we're owning the weird new age era we've been luckily born in to.

And even though we are generally pretty f*cking awesome, we admit it- we can be annoying too. And what would you expect when we're put in a time where we can literally document everything about our fabulous life. From snap chatting Tequila Jack pole dancing to the insta of the brunch the next day, millenials are pretty much set up to develop some habits that, we admit, can get redundant. Here are the things that you've probably done, and you know what? We're owning the new age, but at the same time; there's some things we do that could probably use some serious chill.

1. Coming to a full stop in the middle of the 5pm sidewalk rush because you want to take a photo of the financial distric.

These buildings just have such a nice aesthetic! 

2. When half the pre consists of taking photos for the Insta

That goes up to 3/4 of the pre when the pre is on the balcony of your friend's condo that has a dope skyline background (and realistically, because it's Toronto, who isn't in a condo?).

3. ...Then complaining the next day you didn't get a single photo

Guys my feed! My followers need a break from my Queen W cheap eats food crawl.

4. Looking down and laughing in every. single. photo.

Hardwood and carpets have never been so hilarious!!! Look at the oak finish! LOL!

5. Taking the subway drunk with your squad and using the handles like your circus performers

Apparently vodka and public transport turn squads into Cirque Du Soliel performers. Guilty.

6. Feeling guilty about dropping 30 dollars on the Royal Highness cocktail at Bar Reyna just for the Insta

Okay, so we maybe should feel a little guilty about this one. But we all know what we're getting into when we're ordering it, so feel like a Queen for that moment and then you can deal with your wallet later.

7. "Does this Uber have an AUX cord?"

Sorry, but not sorry to the general public. We know it's annoying when we rap (attempt) Drake driving down King, but in the moment it just feels so right.

8. Going to Cabana and coming out with an 100 second snap chat story

You're supposed to cherish some memories forever, but some we would probably be better off forgetting. Day drinking is a dangerous opportunity for some interesting, and very questionable snap stories that people really don't need to see.

9. Feeling guilty if we don't go out somewhere on King West on the weekends

Hair tied, sweatpants, chilling with no makeup on night ft. netflix? YES PLEASE! It's harder than it sounds, espcially when you're in the most connected generation it's hard to not feel a little bit of FOMO. If you don't want to go out though, just don't!

8. Getting up on any and every surfaces at night clubs

Shake what the Good Lord gave you, but you don't have to do it in the middle of that ex-Marlies player's booth at The Spice Route.

9. Settling for pizza as your drunk food

Hear that? It's the sound of us cringing. There's so many unique spots in Toronto to get some dope drunk eats, don't settle for the chain.

10. Taking an Uber Black...well....anywhere.

WE GOT NO MONEY. Be confident enough to roll up in a Nissan or Hyundai to the club (or get it to drop you off around the corner if you're real embarrassed).

11. Telling anyone who will listen and their second cousin that you're Vegan and you live for these restaurants

Please, tell me more about how much better you are than me. If you are a vegan? Respect. Cool. You do you. We just don't need to her about it when I'm mowing one of my Fancy Franks okay?

12. Taking a picture laughing at a bucket at The Porch with the CN tower in the background

If I had a dollar for every time that huge bucket has popped up on my feed with the caption "living it up with my girl!", I'd be living on Bridal Path.

13. Taking hours to decide on what restaurant to go to with your BFF

Warehouse? El Catrina? Momofuku? Drake 150? It's unreal that we have so many options, but when it gets to a point where your group chat turns into a Moby Dick length conversation, it's time to pick a restaurant.

14. Complaining about being broke, then spending five dollars on a coffee at Sorry Coffee Co.

Raising the white flag, we surrender to the guilt here. But realistically, if you're gonna buy a coffee at that price, just enjoy the caffeine, don't kill my vibe. Go to one of these amazing spots, and own it.

15. Spending every weekend at Eaton Centre

PEOPLE! The city is filled with unreal boutiques that show how amazing our fashion scene is here. You don't need another lace up tight black long sleeve from Urban okay?

16. Using every possible social media outlet to let people know you were at Sweet Jesus

We get it, the line is long and it's sooooo worth the wait. But an Instagram, Facebook post AND snap story is very extra.

17. Taking yet another picture of Sunday brunch at WISH

Eggs benny, for brunch? Ground breaking.

18. Settling for a shitty job

As millenials we we're brought into the world at an extremely economically sensitive time, meaning? We're kind of limited with our job options. But that doesn't mean you should have to settle for a job that turns your life into an episode of Walking Dead. We all have to grind, but espcially in a huge, diverse city like Toronto we owe it to ourselves to at least look at our options.

19. Cutting the line at the Maddy on a Friday night

Okay, so people may have caught us here on the whole "entitled millenial" stereotype. But realistically? We're keeping this habit. #sorrynotsory

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