In today's modern day lingo, thot stands for/translates to: that hoe over there. A term best made popular by the biggest boy band in the world - Migos - with their iconic track, Bad & Boujee.

 A further definition of a thot details a promiscuous woman who is not shy about her sexuality, in regards to photos, videos, or interactions. Thots can also be described as shady, 'knock-offs', deceitful, manipulative, unoriginal etc. 

That being said - not all thots are created equal. Though this term was originally meant to be derrogative towards women, many have been taking the term into their own hands and assigning it a more positive meaning: i.e. a bad bitch, a fashionable girl, someone confident who gets what they wants.  

I'm not saying Toronto thots are a terrible kind of girl because they're not. They are, however, their own distinct breed. Read on to see if you too are a true Toronto thot. 

1. They somehow have pictures on top of the Thompson Rooftop 

Everyone knows the Thompson Rooftop is for guests only - unless you are a Toronto thot. She somehow perused her way up there alongside a Bay Street banker or C-list Much Music celeb. 

2. She knows someone who knows someone who is so close with Drake

Like really, they're also from Forrest Hill and for sure call him Aubrey sometimes. This person is also most likely imaginary or four times removed. 

3. She has a King street promoter in their phone for every day of the week 

Fridays with X at Door 3, Saturdays with Y at EFS, Sundays with Z at Wildflower. They even have a weekday guy on lock if they're in desperate need. 

4. She never pays for bottles yet always has bottles 

Citizen? Bottle. Rebel? Bottle. Spice Route? You guessed it, bottle. Who on earth is supplying this girl with so much Grey Goose?? 

5. She owns chokers in every colour - especially the diamond ones

Bc she is glitz and glamour and also worth the $30 Mendocino price tag.

 6. As soon as it gets remotely warm out, she hits a patio for a pic

Ten thousand points if it's at The Porch. Another ten thousand if it features a bucket drink. 

7. She has an obviously belfie/bod pic at Sugar/Wasaga/Sauble Beach

Or some spectrum of cottage country. She knows her angles and also probably edited the shit out of that thirst-trap. 

8. She's an *Instagram model* who shoots on Adelaide rooftops

Or wherever she can get a good slice of the CN tower in the shot - like a comfy condo were she can *casually*  lounge in lingerie. 

9. As soon as the temperature hits double digits, she is at Cabana, on a swan

Floating away with her vodka cran.

10. She is *best friends* with the club photographers

Bc she's hot and she's a regular, duh!

11. She frequently selfies @ Local's Only or Warehouse

But only cause the lighting's on fleek.

12. She has photoshoots on Bay Street balconies during pre-s

"No, no, no FULL BODY. Get my shoes!!!" 

13. Her hair is always done, her lashes are always full, and she may or may not have a waxing girl on speed dial 

Never know who you're going to see, you feel me?

14. She's probably been, or been asked to, be a bottle service girl/promoter

She's always at the club anyways, might as well get paid! 

15. Bodycon jersey is essentially her second skin


16. And she owns more two piece sets than Bieber has Calvins

Use her name for 20% off! 

17. She rarely posts food, but when she does, it's Peace Treats

Or Sweet Jesus. 

18. She's danced on top of the booths at Lost and Found

Not just Lost though. Can you really blame her, you otta look hot for those snap stories. 

19. Her contacts list is full of names like "Adam - The Dive" or "Tony - Early Mercy" 

Or whatever bar chose to grace that day. Who has time for a last name? Not Beyoncé and certainly not this thot. 

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